Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! It caught a lot of people by surprise when Tesla increased the Solar Roof’s cost by a pretty big margin. But they’re not playing this game alone. Let’s explore how Tesla solar roof tiles stack up against the competition and what’s a better value, solar panels or solar tiles?

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  2. Solar industry folks understand the value metric of a solar panel and the gimmick that is the solar tile

  3. Pretty much nothing new. Solar roof is really only a viable option if you need a new roof at least in the next 10 years. If your roof is only maybe 20 years old, afaik roofs can last you 40-50 years, so putting solar panels on for 20 years would be a nobrainer. When getting a new roof you can then decide if you want to put on your old panels again, get a solar roof or if you simply want new panels, but I hope in 20 years solar roofs in general are going to be more common. If you are going to need a replacement of your roof 5 years along the line, that will not only be more expensive because they have to take off the solar and put it back on, but worst case something gets broken or whatever. I'm sure there is insurance for that too, but that's another point driving the price of the roof replacement. So yeah. If you need a new nice really sturdy roof, the Solar roof might be a great choice, but if your current roof seems to be doing fine, panels are certainly the way to go.

  4. The plastic diode cover is falling off of several of my Jinko panels and their warranty processes sucks goat arse.

  5. I have had my eye on solar for some time. My house faces east west which isnt idea where I live, but that aside. I was SHOCKED how little solar there is in California. We spend billions on all sorts of stupid things, yet we cant put solar up in the places that have sun 365 days a year. I dont know what it will take to increase adoption.

  6. I work for Blue Raven SOlar. Please let me know if you want solar panels. Clearly they are superior for now.

  7. It's like do you want to buy a better looking one or a more wallet friendly one.

    I choose wallet friendly.

  8. Wonder how the solar roof works with insurance? If you get a big hail storm and it trash's your whole roof, would insurance cover the replacement cost vs like they would with a traditional roof.

  9. Over the next few years technology in the Labs now will start emerging in the Solar panel market. I am not sure how well they can be included into solar roof tile tech, but they will dramatically improve what panels can do. Right now the best solar panels make in the low 20% efficiency range. In labs right now they are hitting high 40% figures by using panels that generate power through multiple layers. Light travels through the panels layers and generates power in lower layers as well as higher layers. Think of a multi-level DVD disc a laser focuses through one layer to a lower layer, the same principle is used in the new panels. So when these newer technology panels get to market the efficiency will be around double what we have now. Much smaller areas can generate useable power. Solar panels on Cars make more sense and will extend the range beyond the average daily commute. The future is bright it's solar.

  10. Two things you need to consider.

    Elon Musk did have aesthetics as a core principle of idea and he was one of the first to coin this concept.

    Two would be he is limited on his involvement with the company and all his time is invested in space X.

    Hes an engineer at heart and these companies run themselves with others involved.

    Just like his internet company, they are bleeding hundreds of dollars by giving you a state of the art dish with crazy technology for 500 usd while eating a grand loss per unit.

    The cost of these panels will go down but unless your a big DIY guy, the roof was designed to have a already proven hardware/firmware control installed, hands free, hassle free, with a elegant roof.

    Sure it's still crazy expensive but you got to start somewhere.

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  13. When you compared the prices I think you forgot one important thing: when building a new home and include solar panels, you have to pay a roofer as well as someone to install the solar panels. This might change the cost comparison dramatically. You only mentioned that you save material cost, which compared to paying the roofer is negligible

  14. 718 $ per square meter… That is some insane price for something so cheap. 3$ per watt. Man, there are pannels with with prices in cents per watt.

  15. I prefer Solar panel with asphalt shingles = No surprise Tesla hidden cost or future repairs. Plus I rather wash/clean a few panels vs the entire Tesla roof tiles every 3-4 months.

  16. Bad picture 4 tile roofing of flange , those courses should of covered the flange at least partway down , some caulk under flange top and sides leaving out bottom for in case water gets under c,can drail out , especially with snow , and some do courses covering 1/2 way down to rubber cutting arch . That would probably leak with a4' ft snow load ice and thaw and refreeze

  17. In 2020 I got a quote over the phone from Tesla for 2 houses. One 1,450 sq ft in NJ $51K and another for 2,950 sq ft home in Poconos PA for $50k. Not sure how they price it? Scam!

    Best is to go with geothermal when one has a well for heating and cooling.

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