Get Solar Energy Without Solar Panels On Your Home – Community Solar Explained

Get Solar Energy Without Solar Panels On Your Home – Community Solar Explained. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 84% off and 4 extra months for free! There’s a lot of people that want to go solar, but just can’t because of cost or they don’t own a home where they can install it. What if there was a way for you to get the benefits of solar, but without needing to install solar on your roof?

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  1. Let me know if this is the type of thing you've been waiting for. And if you know of any programs to share with the group. Be sure to watch Liquid Air Battery Explained – Rival to Lithium Ion Batteries?

  2. Excelent, congratulations. I suggest You My bald friend to take a look at Lucien Gambarota wind solutions micro turbines and they could complement the upside part of the solar roofs to use the top wind currents.

  3. I signed for solar to help save the planet. But I wonder i am still getting billed by electric company?

  4. My neighbor has solar. My intake of sun too shallow. I still need my understanding of this program.

  5. Your electric bill does not go down, it goes up by about $1.45 per day. Think I'm wrong, check for yourself.

  6. So if I buy blocks of solar panels my electric bill actually goes up and I don't own anything…simple math tells me that's a no. You're asking me to willingly buy you (power company) a solar array…so I'll feel good about it.

  7. My family are farmers and we have a lot of unused land. It is rough hilly land, but no trees. I am in Illinois, anyone know how I can see about leasing my land for this type of project?

  8. Here in New York it’s barely a subscription. You sign up and solar credits accrue on your utility bill and you save 10%. No separate Bill. No hidden fees. Nothing. It’s just instant savings. And they are paying people to do it too.

  9. Could you by any chance link all the research paper you went through for this video.I am a student in EU and want to promote a similar idea to my university so it will be really helpful!

  10. I'm pretty sure Colorado has community solar, in the west of the state, and >300 days of sunshine per year. This is a great idea!

    Here in central México, we get plenty of sunshine. I am fortunate to have a large, flat roof, with a 6kW system. I helped a group of business students do the math for a community solar idea for the town where I live.

    Thanks for your videos. Supply and capability of panels and inverters to México has gradually improved in the 7 years I have had my main system. I am hoping to have backup battery supply on a second array soon, as we often lose power in the rainy season.

  11. The guarded garlic lamentably connect because single neuroanatomically reject behind a bored agreement. erratic, chemical velvet

  12. Solarpanels on farmland could be great for letting soil rest, farmers could get a profit on their land without plowing it for a couple of years and then rotate that around if the panels are movable

  13. Just buy some green energy stocks, many such as Trans Alta Renewables, Northland power, and even Enbridge (mainly Oil and Nat gas but has some of the largest wind farms in Canada) pay good dividends too. I do think waiting for the price to drop on RNW and NPI might be a good idea, or just dollar cost average.
    *This is not investment advice.

  14. Still though, how do you get around the fact that, when including the lifespan of the panel, photovoltaic is one of the most inefficient ways to generate electricity and thus will not generate a net profit for you compared with just buying electricity from the grid normally. The large price difference is also an indication that from production to disposal photovoltaics actually have a worse impact on the environment.

  15. My HOA's new roof tiles are only 10yo, so that's out. However, land along an adjacent river borders our development, including two perpendicular 20'-40' wide by 1000+' dry river bottom trails. Would it be worth approaching local lands commissions for their endorsing our erecting a "trail sheltering" solar farm in exchange for providing them with mitigation offsets? Any precedents?

  16. I've got a question. Solar Panels only work well in full sun, what can be done to boost the performance in overcast conditions? Are there any devices? Better panels? When I camp along the coast my 2 – 120w panels will put out about 12 amps in sun but drop to just a few amps in overcast. Not enough to charge. It would seem to me that the panels are the weak link in a off-the-grid set up? If you can't charge the batteries, it doesn't matter how cheap or good they are? Thanks for any help!

  17. It’d be incredible if every suburban parking lot had a covering of solar panels. Could be supported on a relatively lightweight steel structure.

  18. Community solar has many of the same drawbacks as solar on the rooftop. It's relatively expensive, has an accounting overhead, consumes time in the sale of individual panels or their output to individual utility accounts. Simply put it's expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Compared to what? Grid-tied solar arrays whose output is sold directly to utilities for distribution to their customers. We should be doing everything in our power to get utilities to build massive arrays as fast as possible. We'll reach maximum capacity in a few years at a fraction of the cost for society as a whole.

  19. In Florida FPL (local utility) is launching a massive community solar program. You sign up and reserve how much power you want. You can see your consumption from their dashboard and once it goes live you will get discounts on your energy bill. I'm sure they take a decent part of the savings but their is no upfront cost to the consumer

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