The Goal Zero Nomad Line of Portable Solar Panels is built tough for mobile base camps and off-grid adventures. The Nomad 50, Nomad 100, and Nomad 200 are perfect for longer trips when you need more power without sacrificing packability.

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  1. I do reviews on this channel if you would like to send me products to review please let me know i am very interested

  2. I love goal zero products although one feature I want before buying any more is that there is a "breakaway" cable at the base of the solar panel in case wind blows it or some freak accident so it doesn't ruin the whole thing. (Sort of like how a mac laptop does, if someone trips over the cord it just breaks away from the laptop instead of the cord yaking it along.)

  3. You guys should release something with dimension of nomad 3.5. even a nomad 7 is just too big to pack in rucksak without being crushed by other things.

    Very stupid for discontinuing 3.5

  4. DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! THEY HAVE FAULTY ACCESSORIES AND WILL NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY!!!! Their fast charger burnt out my yeti and I have been waiting for over 3 months for warranty service. They hang up on you, and don't do anything! I spent about 2000 dollars on Goal Zero Products and accessories. All unusable now!!!! These people are borderline criminals! I hope they get cancer from all the chemicals….

  5. Great products but quality costs. Would love that Nomad 200 for my Yeti 400. Would be a well received addition to my camping gear.

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