Guide to Troubleshooting Solar Panels, Voc/Isc Measurements and Most Common Solar Panel Issues!

Have a solar panel that you suspect is not working correctly? Perhaps it has low power output or no power output at all. Mike gives an overview of common solar panel issues, how to test the panels and how to fix the most common mechanical issues. Watch it all or check out the timestamps below for specific topics!

00:00 – Intro
01:23 – Voltage Open Circuit Measurement
03:17 – Current Short Circuit Measurement
05:42 – Checking MC4 Connectors
07:24 – Checking Junction Box Connections

Wonder how a dirty solar panel or shadow affects performance check out our video: Dirty vs Clean Solar Panel – Power Output Comparison




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  1. I can't thank you enough for this video. This has so much valuable information that I can't stop smiling. I will now subscribe to your channel!

  2. Question for you I wired up my solar array and I have voltage on the wire but when I hook it up to the combiner box then there is no voltage on any of the circuits. I can't understand it.

  3. Great video, I hope my customer has a reputable manufacturer. Living here in the United States, she is Chinese; so if we need to communicate directly, that shouldn't be an issue haha.

  4. Thanks. Didnt know they are connected in series and just one of the cells affect output of all the cells. I was wondering why one of my brand new panels output only 18.4v out of 21.6v voc. I thought it might ne broken but iwill cjeck first if there are aome dirt in any one of the cells. Thanks…

  5. Got it. All I now need is a sunny day. (I am in the Netherlands and it is raining) My MC4 's are connected to an 5 m extension cord but either that gives zero output or my 12v appliance is dead. So I have to order a voltmeter first.

  6. Hello, great video! I need some advice, I would like to know how much solar panel and how strong does my battery and converter have to be to run a submersible water pump and a couple of light bulbs. Also how strong does the inverter have to be to work for a water pump. I only need it to run about an hour per day. Let me know please.

  7. Thank you for posting this video. I was having an issue with my brand new panel, after watching this I was able to find the issue (bad connection) I put new ends on and BAM it is working great. Thank you again- Ronnie

  8. Hi! If a wire with a 120 volt phase touches the frame of a solar panel that has not yet been installed, could it damage that panel? Thanks

  9. It helpful thanks for yout knowledgeable vlog, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in the field. More power.

  10. I have two 375 watt panel connected paralley with 9 amp each.. But my output is max 15 amp on inverter.. What's the problem..

  11. Sir why is my panel is showing a fluctuative current and voltage while connected to battery through scc? Its fluctuating so much that its hard to determine the amount of current that passing.

  12. Thank you! I was waiting on technical support to get back to me from Ecoflow, my panel had no output, an mc4 had a loose connection it’s working great now 👍

  13. What is the voltage used when you're getting the total voltage in a system, Voc or Vmp?

  14. Dude you gave some good info. I did not know about shorting out the panel to check for amps. I guess there is a huge difference between that short and shorting out to ground?

  15. Wonderful and thanks for your in depth analysis. I have a an array of 6nose of 250w mono panels connected in series powering my solar borewell pump. And I later noticed that all the bypass diodes of the 6panels went bad. What could cause this pls. Thank u

  16. Fantastic video. I am looking into making an IV curve using a very similar method. I am wondering where I would put my load resistors when hooking my panel up to my multimeter

  17. ask sir why my solar panel if the weather so hot the output of voltage drop if they have clouds they have a good charging

  18. I got only 0.6 amps in my solar panel. 100 watts. That's why it is always getting low battery every night.

  19. I'm getting 19.0v plug in my phone in the usb port and it says 6.2 phone charging but loses power?

  20. Sir can we install a panel that Voc 47{Standered testing condition} , but the inverter recommended Voc is 15 to 45 . ?

  21. Great Video! I have several used Sunpower 435w panels that I want to test before installation. The Voc = 85v, Isc = 6.43a | The rated output Vmpp = 73v, Impp = 5.97a. What is the best way to load test each panel safely? Do I need a 500w resistive load?

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