Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. Full Review – Day 1

Day 1. Sharing my first day using the 100W Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. This is the new July, 2017 version of the Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. The kit now offers 4- 25W panels and a modernized solar controller. Harbor Freight Part no. 63585

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  1. Nice video.
    I have a quick question. I have the same kit. I’m really trying to operate one kitchen appliance outdoors. My idea is to cook outside from solar.
    I gave it a try with a toaster – it did not work! Do I not have the correct kit? What would it take for a instant pot? Slow cooker?
    Any assistance will be appreciated! Thanks

  2. So I’m late in the game so I see the battery but what get plugged into battery if anything or how do I use it to charge other stuff?

  3. I hope you didn't pay any more than $100 for that.. in my dads day he bought panels that were 75 watt $250, and today I am looking at a 300 watt panel for just over $300 and a 125Ah 12V Lithium battery for just under $500.. these things haven't gotten to be much cheaper, but they have a better capacity to make and hold more.

  4. Is there a way to charge a portable lithium battery? I'm trying to use this to light our backyard at night. Will this 100 watt be enough to light it all night? Thx

  5. Full time camping. A 100 watt renology is $114 and it's more compact than the harbor freight one. Add a charge controller for $25. Glad I did not waste my money on the harbor freight one.

  6. Ever get more than 66.6 watts under LOAD from the panels??? Nobody else EVER has. To get a REAL 100 watts of solar panels cost almost $900 from Sanyo or Sankyo (two DIFFERENT Japanese corporations) and that includes a nearly $300 13.8V lead-acid battery charger. My first cousin (in-law) worked for Siemens in Holland on Ocean (Hydrodynamic) power and storage almost his entire working life. Tom's smart about this crap- SUPER smart. He showed me graphs about wind turbines…how they never pay for the materials in the magnets and more. YOU CAN'T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING! Archimedes proved almost 5000 years ago-PERPETUAL MOTION IS FAKE!

  7. I got 5000 watt pv in west Africa jungle runs table saw mig welder freezers Xbox etc. This set maybe can charge a phone hahaha

  8. I love Harbor Freight panels, I run thirty five thats thirty five hundred watts and they even charge at night. My system is a 24 volt system with ten batteries. I run my entire house, barn and garage with no problem. The lights are amazing that come with them. I paid extra for a twenty year warranty. Can't beat it. The only thing to worry about is they are fairly flimsy. But if you anchor them securely they should last a long long time. Their older panels I bought in 2005 still work great. I gave my old setup to two different families and they both still have great power.

  9. I've recently bought this for camping. And I was fortunate to find another panel in excellent shape for $40. It works good for the price.

  10. These are junk I have tried both setups
    Buy monocrystal or poly crystal panels they cost the same if not cheaper and buy a charge controller

  11. About one of their 2000 watt inverters just the other day it stuck to high heaven . I took it back that's not right something's wrong even though the inverter works well, I can't be breathing that stuff in my lungs it burns my eyes and my lungs. I don't know what China is up to but that can't be good.

  12. "The check is in the mail, Dan!" -Harbor Freight It's so hard now getting good reviews on YT, most of it is basically an infomercial.

  13. Lol harbor freight panels are way behind the time. You can get 100w panel that is the same size as their 25w panel the same price. Plus with good panels your get year's of warranty not 30 days

  14. I bought 2 of these. Also bought Nature's Generator for $1500. The Harbor freight sets are still working great! Nature's Generator, not so much. Oh, yeah, did I say they're only 8 months old? Buy Harbor Freight!

  15. is the controller PWM or MPPT? That makes a HUGE difference! MPPT is way better, I'm thinking at this price point, they're probably selling PWM's…
    Anybody? Beuller?

  16. Nice video work, Thank You for posting. I have a question at the 9 minute mark you have the voltage meter plugged into the charge controller. What if you plugged in even another smaller or the same 25 watt additional panel into the screw in port. Do you know if the charge controller will use the additional plug in panel or does it cancel one of the ports useless? In other words is the charge controller maxed out at the 100 watt input and nothing more?

  17. What kind of power exactly can you generate with this type of system? Is it only going to run a typically small lighting feature? What if you say that you were wanting to run a system similar to this that necessary to run say a 220 volt swimming pool pump or flip it to run the Jacuzzi pump and heater assy? Or would it end up not being cost effective in the long run after the purchase of an inverter and whatever else would be necessary.
    Always looking for ways to stop paying the man! They get enough of my money as it is already!

  18. With solar panels, they shpuld not have to face the sun! un less they are connected to a sun following aperture to let the pannels follow the sun……. As long as there is light outside the panels should be able to generate power but then again they are harbor freight.. so is that set up just for those 2 lights?

  19. Thanks! I got three older aluminum sided panel 45watt units. They have given good backup and charging ability. Not a single issue with any of the solar products from HB sofar. The deep cycle battery and auto charge unit have also held up after nearly a decade so far. I put the corded side down and also sealed all edges and screw holes.

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