How America Can Boost Solar Power by 56% Using Highways

In the first quarter of 2021, the US increased its solar use by 46% over the same period the previous year. By the end of 2020, the country took third place in the world in terms of the total capacity of solar panels, bypassing Japan, but yielding to China and the European Union. How is the United States able to improve this figure by 56% using thousands of kilometers of motorways?
We will tell you in today’s video!

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  3. Horrible idea. Why not just put the panels in the middle of no where? Why would we want to look at this daily?

  4. so this is stupid and you should feel stupid. if something id driving over it wouldnt get sun. this has been busted so many times. solar roadways are dumb

  5. Had always wondered why can't highways been used, but not as panels on the tarmac itself but as overhead panels mounted on frames wit Sun tracking solar panels. Sure it's gonna be expensive as it will require retrofitting all the highways with a lot of steel frames to mount the solar panels, but existing roads can be used and benifits will more than compensate for the cost, as power evacuation is gonna be easier as all major roads are closer to end users. And was also wondering if there is gonna be any savings in fuel as all the vehicles will be driving under a shaded solar canopy.

  6. How about covering roadways with panels overhead? Drier road surfaces – less road damage from rain. Less heat absorbed by the road surface, which normally would then heat up the air. Can supply some lighting at night. Cars require less ac on hot days. Road sides should be used for grass – more carbon capture and storage. Rainwater off the panels should be collected, filtered and sold for drinking.

  7. What about vertical axis wind turbines along the roads? They can use the wind produced by the cars and trucks even when the wind is still.

  8. 3:50 suggestion;
    under medium/centre strip lined with solar panels, 💡 The land underneath can be used as bicycle paths.
    Everything must have multiple uses

  9. Well paying jobs , cleaner and abundant power. Unfortunately, the fossil fuels industry owns too may of the house and Senate members. Lobbying is legalized bribery. So uniquely American.

  10. This is an 10 idea that is already being done in Mass.
    Wow – What a great idea – only problem with this video and the consultants recommendation is Massachusetts is already doing this and has been for 6 years – massive solar installations all around major highway. Love the channel but you've got to do a bit more research.
    Plus I believe you figures on possible acreage are far too low.
    But do love the channel.

  11. If there could be a race for clean energy similar to something like the space race, then it could literally save the world.

  12. I read they were doing this in Europe like decades ago. It should be a low this is mandatory to be done here. There are miles and miles of unused space on the nations highways.

  13. perhaps they should be planting trees and shrubs at those hwy intersections, way better for the planet.
    there's plenty of room for panels out in the sunny desert

  14. We had thought about it, came up with a proposal too. The concern was it increases the chances of something flying into road while cars or other vehicles passing through the road at high speed. Putting solar panels on top of road or on the divider puts a lot of wires, other equipment there which otherwise should not be there, increasing chances of accident manifold. Also, maintenance of the panels, puts a lot of people there who should not be there.

  15. တိုင်ပြည်အပေါ်စေတနာမှန်တဲ့သူတွေကတော့ရေရှည်အတွက်အနစ်နာခံရင်းနှီးရမယ့်အလုပ်တွေကိုမြင်တတ်လုပ်တတ်ကြပါပေတယ်။အင်းးးးကွာပါ့နော်။

  16. It’d be nice if the military put solar up on every Navy warehouse and building in Pearl Harbor. That’s a lot of unused acreage.

  17. More could be added to this excellent idea. Concrete barriers could be set up on both sides of the open center areas on hi ways, on the inner edge of the pavement where there is a separation between the opposing lanes. All these areas could also be paneled, possibly clear across the country in some cases.

    With the amount of energy this should generate for a one time cost, much of the power for lighting on roadways could be done nation wide, causing the total removal of all pollution from coal and nuclear fired power now used for this purpose. Great idea.

  18. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list. In some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  19. I’m all for it, as long as it doesn’t use tax payer money to implement, only to turn around and sell power from solar panels to tax payers that they should own!

  20. bigger tax deductions for personal or businesses to install solar panels would be the way to go.

  21. Put Geothermal underground there 1st!!!
    Then put the Sklar Panels above to DOUBLE the Sustainability Efficiency ouput.

  22. Solar roadways (on the road surface) are already failed idea. Just because China has one, doesnt mean it works, or is efficient.

  23. The benefit of such a project should go to providing free power to low income households as a way to reduce poverty levels in America. Actually help the people right where it counts, in the wallet.

  24. great idea. Only problem.. the USA still has to buy the solar panels from China.. and since the USA is trying really hard to piss off this supply chain. Good luck in getting this done.. since solar panels are not made in USA..

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