How Australia's Most Powerful $16 Billion Solar Power Plant Will Power Singapore

Australia is preparing to build the world’s most powerful solar power plant. Engineers and builders will have to solve complex problems to cover an area equal to 17 thousand football fields that accommodate photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 10 Gigawatts. The second challenge will be to transfer this energy to Singapore, the main consumer of electricity. But how exactly will the power plant be able to power a country more than three thousand kilometers away? See about it today in our video!

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  1. I don't understand why say a fraction of Australian's superannuation doesn't get invested in this kind of project but instead means no resident of Australia gets a power bill (a significant cost of living expense for many). With the money saved in this area it gets invested in projects that supply industry/overseas and the money generated becomes passive income

  2. Ok so let me get this straight, Australia can produce clean solar energy for other countries, but when it comes to us actual Australians they can only use coal for us? Wtf 🤦‍♂️

  3. what's gonna happen to all that wattage going through water currents? the fish? isn't the coral reef around there hopefully it doesn't effect any part of that…..

  4. This is a waste of time and money and will pollute far more of the environment just building it.

  5. Good luck with that we have a federal government who can't even put solar energy into our system let alone another country

  6. Incredible !!! But why does Australia not supply itself with clean solar energy first instead of burning coal ??? Only then should it think of exporting solar energy. Stupid liberal Govt. is paid not to do this by the powerful fossil fuel lobby.

  7. Australia has built its fare share of solar and wind but we now need to move forward to ever more cost effective and modern Fusion Nuclear Power Reactors/generators and retrofit our old fossil fuel plants. This needs to be with new SAFIRE REACTORS built with technology from the Canadian company "AUREON ENERGY". See, learn and inform your peers, and then ask our politicians why we should not build these in Australia under licence. We could thus make up, at least in part, from what we would lose from phasing out coal and thus reemploy the out of work coal mining labour force. We could become so efficient at this that we could then export ready made power plants.

  8. The Sun Cable project, backed by billionaires Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and Mike Cannon-Brookes and now expected to cost more than $30bn, also announced it was expanding its proposal by up to 40%, lifting its potential capacity from 14 gigawatts to between 17 and 20 gigawatts.

  9. I couldn't understand! 16 billions only for 2-3 GW?? That's not cheap….!!
    And what is the maintenance costs per year??

  10. Excellent news… This project will be fullfilled in time duration.. All we together may make world as habitable for us using green technology by saving environment and life..
    And we will enter in the age of truth and heaven…

  11. Not full situation described. What are eneergy losses for 3700km? What analogues are and what is money back time?

  12. Can someone explain why Australia was chosen for the installation? Why not nearby locations to Singapore which reduce the power losses in the transportation ?

  13. tooo much complex to store that much energy until battery technology is improved green energy is a dream. And that big area covered will surely start climate change within Australia itself. Middle Australian land is hot and that much area covered will start it cooling and no one knows what might happen.

  14. If I was australia, Id make my own steel using green power & sell it instead of shipping iron ore…

  15. Why would 10, 000 megawatts only provide electricity for 20% of the population when Singapore only has 5 million people?

  16. Can the panels be arranged vertical like a multistorey building. Solar needs a lot of space.

  17. 16 billion to have 20% of power needs on the country's covered – that's cheap! Can't believe solar energy is getting so cheap!

  18. I don't understand why can't this be build closer to Singapore like in Indonesia or Malaysia. Also why can't it be build closer to sea so at least they don't have to build 750 km line on land.

  19. Transmission costs, transmission efficiency, submarine cable infrastructure maintenance, battery hubs maintenance and tsunamis, earth quakes in the region will be major challenges than generation . If this works, then Sahahra can power entire Europe and Middle East which is closer to Sahara than distance between Aus and Singapore

  20. Singapore would be damn stupid to put any money into it. It should tell Australia, build it first, then let us decide if the price per kWh is right.

  21. Parts of Australia pay 43c pkwh for electricity, yet instead of supplying our country at a fraction of the cost to build it locally we will be exporting it to a country that pays 25c pkwh for energy. We have been played for suckers by morons too high on all the coal cash they are making.. This is how committed to reaching 'net zero' Morrison is and all his words have also net zero progress in renewables.

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