1. if photosynthesis of a leaf uncovered is an example to produce electricity, what about the osmosis of covered roots ?

  2. Thanks, well it miss why the loose electron goes to the "negative layer" as negative and negative are repulsed. The answer is that with your cable around the two (upper/lower) layers, you have created and electric field to attract electrons to the top layer. Isn't it?

  3. Ok, so we have "light waves" hitting the panel…..but what is this light wave made of ??? Photons?…. ive just done an experiment with a small solar panel on a grey overcast winters day, and it has fully charged a 3.7v lithium battery…..with no sunlight. So is it photons still coming through the dark clouds?….or???

  4. which one is best, lead acid battery, Li-Ion battery, Redox-Flow battery, Deep cycle battery and shallow cycle battery?

  5. No one can think that man can think like this no one knows who intelligent make that small motherboard which I when looks my mind becomes 🤯🤯🤯 so mankind thinks like mad but it works this is god gift I don't think so that this things could be real even if we have not seen real how can we believe so we must see and try to make so that we can understand that this is real no one knows what is lie 😔😔

  6. Thanks verry much man! For long time ago i have read pdf books and search about videos to understand how the hole principles works and i have understand it in this video realy thanks

  7. Uh…This explanation is not so great. It didn't explain the "depletion region" and the electric field in region, that causes electrons and holes to get swept out of the region. Also, light was explained as a wave instead of as photons which adds little value to understanding how a solar cell works. The fact that solar cell current increases with more light intensity is easily explained by the fact that brighter light is simply more photons per sec, per area.

  8. Theoretical nonsense.
    You defend one of these Roman Judaeo-Freemason fictional stories:

    Theory – SPACE (Big Bang)
    ATOM, remove Electron create Explosion

    Faith – HEAVEN (Holy Spirit)
    ADAM, remove Rib create Women

  9. literally the greens wanna make earth black with solar panels and the other ones want to produce more co2 which aids plant growth, Between the two id preferre more plants than more solar panels.

  10. Can anyone explain me the physics backround in decrease of effieciency in PV cells when the temperature increases? According to physics, higher temperature in semiconductors generates more free electrons so why is there a decrease in efficiency?

    Thank you 🙂

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