How I Made a Solar Panel Using LED

We everyone know that LED emits light when connected to a power supply but one interesting thing is if we expose a LED in sunlight then it behaves like a solar cell, so in this video I used thousands of LED to replicate a solar panel.

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  1. Honest video! I knew any semiconductor which is under the light will generate electricity but I did not know led can also generate electricity!

  2. I used this same principle in a calibration lab when they were trying to figure out how to calibrate a strobe light.

    I told them that an LED has a small photovoltaic effect.

    We hooked an LED up to our digital counter and shined the strobe onto it.

    It worked like a charm !!!

    I was very proud of myself.

  3. Hello brother
    I'm very proud of your work
    but I have a painful question in my mind
    why not using some kinda variant of the joule-theif circuit to boost the output of the solar panel you made ??
    can you please answer me

  4. this is an excelent idea! today, we have to do something with SDGs for the earth environment so,i think it is able to make the environment better and better

  5. I thought you would do black because the color black attracts the sun so the black led might have got the most V and I

  6. Maybe it's case of the fluorescent color.
    Yellow actually converts most uv light so seeable light.

    I guess that yellow led are made with fluorescent color

  7. First I thought that this is the worst idea ever. Way too big cost (money and time) to do something that is quite cheap these days. But you mentioned at the end that this was an experiment and you learned that it does not make practical sense. And that was the moment when you earned my respect. You had an idea, you made it in real life and checked by yourself if it makes sense or not. That's the spirit and a way I love ♥️

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