1. Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge, coulc.it/solar this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.

  2. Great stuff! Nice work. The public really needs to see more of this. Have you heard anything about a new system called Optimal Future Energy Deployment ( lovy.biz/qy48 )? I’ve heard some interesting things about it and my brother got some amazing results. I’ve also been searching for solutions to the problem of wind turbines killing birds and bats. Ultrasonic acoustics looks like a possible answer to saving bats, but I haven’t read anything lately about the best way to keep birds away from wind turbines. Have you heard anything?

  3. this design is flawed! why have the conductors sticking out like to be soldered to the next panel when you can just have a connection points better each panel! and why is the panel being soldered with hand? why not use precision machinery? am i wrong? lmk please

  4. how are they made not assembled. Which poor 3rd world country is forced into slave labor to extract the resources from the ground to eventually create clean energy?

  5. solar panels are so cool I just went to Amazon and ordered me a set of solar panels so I can replace batteries I'm tired of changing batteries all the time so solar panels is my favorite and no more throwing batteries into landfill's and protect our planet

  6. Inplix has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  7. ''Sun is able to create electricity''…. isn't it that the sun creates a ton of radiation through fusion, which converts into UV light in our atmosphere, that in turn can be turned into electricity. Does the sun actually create electricity??

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