How Long Can I Power My GAMING PC off Solar Power | Vanlife Gaming

I Built The Ultimate VANLIFE GAMING PC:
How to get Internet and Power VANLIFE GAMING:
Here are my Gaming PC specs:
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
ASUS X570-I ROG Strix AMD AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard
EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 Ultra Graphics Card
Crucial Ballistix Gaming 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3600 PC4-28800 CL16
Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB M.2 NVMe
Corsair SF750 750 Watt 80 Plus Platinum SFX Fully Modular Power Supply
Cooler Master NR200P Small Form Factor Mini-ITX Case
Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT 240mm Water Cooling Kit

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Mac Mini Under Desk Mount:

Laptop Under Desk Drawer:

Mouse Pad:


Monitor Wall Mount:

Microphone and Desk Boom Arm:

Scarlet 2i2 Audio Mixer:

External SSD’s:

WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Cell Phone Signal Booster


Voltage Sensing Relay Battery Isolator:

2000w Renogy Inverter:

Renogy 320 Watt Solar Panels:

Batteries (Non-Affiliated Link):

Charge Controler:

Breaker/Fuse Box

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  1. Make sure to join me this Friday (February 11th) right here on my YouTube for my birthday live stream! I'll be playing some horror games in my van and it's gonna be a great time so don't miss it! I'd love to have you all there! <3

  2. Can you try more games? Like horizon, rts games, newer titles like cyberpunk etc for comparison of watts pulled tnx more power to your videos

  3. hope this isn't a stupid question and I'm just curious if you can charge the battery's somehow by connecting them to the vehicle battery so it charges while your driving ? so solar isn't your only option ?

  4. im really glad i found this channel. im gonna do vanlife, but wasnt wiling to give up the vidya. love this channel

  5. so there are a couple notes for people that want even more efficiency*
    5950x i believe i still the elephant in the room, when you can get a 5800x that is just as good for gaming, for even less power wattage (excluding undervolting), so for watt-efficiency to gaming performance, the 5800x is still the winner, but you know grats on the 5950x it's great for other things 🙂 like mining
    a 3070 is a good choice for being a high performance video card, but it's actually one of the weaker ones with wattage to performance, if you want the true top dog, it's probably the 3060, mine can run hunt showdown (more or less the same intensity as halo, probably even worse cause optimizations for AAA) @ 110 watts from the wall (with undervolting) and it still gets 100+ fps

    so you could probably shear off a good 15-20% with proper undervolting, but if you were just looking for pure watt efficiency, a 5800x would be king (you could go lower if you're willing to sacrifice performance)

    everything else about the build looks great though, i love the aesthetic rgb, a 3070 is a fantastic card regardless, psu is sized properly (resting around 50% utilization under full load)
    great work 🙂

  6. I’m the same as you, and love gaming off the grid. I was using an Xbox One S, as the max power wattage was 54w, and I had a 1080p monitor from Lenovo that was 18w. Series S is even more so power efficient at peak efficient at 48w, so was around 66w max for gaming. I know it’s cool to have huge power, but Xbox is a good solution for power with less amp hours 😊

  7. Well a 12 Kilowatts of battery reserve and a 3 Kilowatts solar panel with an inverter for the pc only with proper maintenance it works fine.

    12 Kilowatt x 0.9 ( For LiFePo4 discharge ) x 0.8 Inverter Efficiency divided by Appliance max wattage (400 Watts for Gaming PC).

    400 watts gaming pc works for 21.6 hours. Nothing to worry about blackouts especially on Typhoon Affected areas. It takes millions of years before the sun will e extinguished rather than an efficient generator uses fossil fuel.

  8. On a snow day, I suggest you play an old school gaming system or handheld. Ps2 slim can go 7-48 watts.

  9. Try msi afterburner to test out different power limit/voltages if you want to really dial in your efficiency. Same on the bios, you can tweak your CPU voltage and clock speeds. It's the silicon lottery but sometimes you get lucky 🙂

  10. The city i live in is suffering constant blackouts and watching this just makes me want to live off grid entirely.

  11. depending on what games you play you could use much less watts actually, with certain mini PCs.

  12. The CPU you are using is total overkill. Just downgrading to a much cheaper Ryzen 5600X (max 65 watt) could save you at least 40 watt on average. And power supply units are usually most efficient around 50% load, at max 270 watts power draw a 500 watt PSU should be a perfect fit.

  13. Awesome! I'd love to do this with a 48V DC to 12V DC converter and without an inverter in a 30' camper.

  14. It'll use whatever it needs nomatter size. You tops roughtly 280W but you divide by 250? Thats not right and you didnt count for the monitor, lights and everything else

  15. does that 250 watts include the monitor? or is that the PC alone? how much does the monitor draw?

  16. 123 watts for idle is absolutely terrible compared to every laptop 🤣 now of course no laptop can beat the freedom and power of a desktop

  17. I bet the steam deck will be revolutionary being under 30w at all time, using the gpd win 3 current its fantastic playing csgo l4d wow and lol on my 1440 monitor

  18. Thanks for the awesome content! I think I see you have 2 300ah AGM batteries. Is there a reason you went with AGM over lithium? Also, do you think you picked the right amount of AH for your setup? Is there anything you would change?

  19. Linus will blown away to see this, .I mean you got youre pc mobile running by the power of the SUN, awesome setup and ideas its just endless mobile gaming session on a PC, it just pure authentical idea that perfected through multiple gaming van that you lived in. Can you share the wood work dimension of youre van so people can really go from there designing their own van or just make the exact replica. thanks

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