How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

There is a lot more than just the size of your house or building that needs to be considered when determining the number of solar panels you will need.

Warren and Charles explain what you need to consider when determining the size of your solar system. From the amount of electricity you use, to the amount of direct sunlight the area receives, to the type of solar panel you select.

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  1. I am looking at having 116 370 watt panels. That should supply enough of our solar need’s

  2. Just look at new homes that come with solar panels you don't see that many on there so another words the salesman's are Crooks all of them when you see a new home with only five or six panels not 30 panels on new homes these guys are tripping but they're just salesman trying to rob every American they can overkill on the panels on your roof just remember this when you go do your roof you have to tear that s*** down to put it back on after they give you a new roof how much does it cost for your roof now sounds all expensive doesn't it is

  3. How many solar panels do i need if i used 5kw a,day,here in somalia 36 degree the sun..thanknu

  4. I totally understand there are so many variables. I never speak negative on YouTube. But you totally didn't answer the question at all.
    Really tired of solar companies dodging the question. There is a somewhat mathematical way to figure this out. Please explain it

  5. I have a 22 foot long camper that I'd like to power with solar. I'd like to be able to operate the air-conditioner, the heater, and the lights. How many panels would you think I would need?

  6. for a grid tie system isnt it overkill to include your electricty demand at night coz the solar panel cant supply the demand at night anyway lmao. lets say your daily average demand is 10 kilowatts, so on average we can say 5kw is demand at night and 5 kw demand during the day. so its wrong to include the nightly demand coz your solar system dont care about the nightly demand. so we just compute for the daytime demand right so when you get the monthtly/daily average its really only half of that where you need to base the consumption

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