How many Solar Panels do I need to power my house? How much power/energy does a Solar Panel Produce?

How many Solar panels do you need? And how much energy does a solar panel produce? This is Solar for Dummies video – a must-watch for anyone planning to go solar

This is the easiest way to find out how many solar panels you really need. Simple math for any location in the US. Never let a solar salesman bamboozle you and overcharge by selling you more or less than you need.

Learn how many kwh are produced by a solar panel. How system size in kw is related to energy production in kwh. Solar Panels for Dummies.


  1. A warning if Fluent Solar comes knocking do yourself a favor and kick them to the curb. They charge twice as much and arm twist for signing the same day.

  2. Hello, thank you for your videos, they are very valuable to me. I am beginning to research on this subject since I have the firm intention of installing panels in my house. I live in Georgetown, KY. Could you tell me how you know or determine what the "factor" is for my area? Is there a website where I can find out or do I have to call a solar panel installation company in my city? Thanks.

  3. The new IQ8 microinverters seem really interesting. I hope you will do a review of them. Unfortunately they are not available yet and it doesn't seem to make sense for me to re-do my plans and permits in order to get IQ8's instead of IQ7+ inverters. What are your thoughts?

  4. Hi Jon,

    Question re using IQ7+ microinverters with LG395W panels. I see that the peak power rating of the IQ7+ is only 295W. Does this mean that the panels will be limited by the IQ7+ and only able to max produce 295W x # of panels?

  5. Thank you Great Info … Can you please tell me the ratio for Gdansk Poland as Live there , Your help would be highly appreciated

  6. And do you know where a country like Senegal in West-Africa fits in all these calculations. It's dry and hot like California. Should i use the same metrics?

  7. Useful video! I feel solar batteries are as indispensable as solar panels. Without them, I will have to keep an eye on the weather on apps like OIpen Weather or Tomorrow Weather (formerly Climacell) and make adjustments to electricity usage accordingly.

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