How Much do Solar Panels Cost in 2021?

Solar Calculator:

What does it cost to install rooftop solar panels? We look at prices in 2021 & tell you how to check costs for your specific home.

Solar panel cost is a very important topic.

Solar panels can cost a lot of money, so as a consumer you want to get the best deal possible.

Besides saving you money on upfront costs, getting a good price will help to maximize the payback period on your investment.

But figuring out the right price can be tricky. What constitutes a good price depends on many factors, including which state you live in.

And get this: You don’t want to pay too little for your solar panels – because doing so increases your chances of being left a ‘solar orphan.’

We look at these issues and other cost-related topics in this video:

→We look at the prices of solar panel systems fully-installed by a professional solar company – because this is what the vast majority of consumers buy.

→We tell you about the risk of becoming a “solar orphan” if you choose to DIY.

→States where consumers enjoy cheap electricity and consume lots of power – such as Florida and Texas – tend to see lower electricity prices.

→When solar panel prices are too low, a compromise is being made somewhere.

→Its okay to pay a bit more to hire a solar company that you’re sure will be around to honour warranty claims over the 25-year life of the solar panels.

→Solar panel payback period is 3-5 years in states like FL and TX, up to 10 years in other states.

→When weighing costs, also factor in that solar panels increase your home price by 4.1%.

→ draws on climate data, cost data and AI to generate a detailed solar panel cost estimate for your home.


Solar panel cost – See cost data by state and by system size:

Get a solar estimate – Use our advanced solar calculator to see how much solar panels for your home will cost, as well as how much money you stand to save:


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