How much energy can we produce with these three solar panels along the fence line? ☀️⚡

In todays video, I’m doing a little solar panel test over several days. This not so much to test out the solar panels but more to check the location. I’m basically looking for a spot around my garage where I can install some more solar panels and strings especially for winter time when I have a lot of shading on my garage.
In the Victron VRM, I can already see that the overall solar production is down by 40% to what we had in December. From now on, it will get only worse and the incoming energy will go further down over the next months.
So, it is time to explore some more options and test some locations. I also show you how the new (temporary) solar array helps with the production especially in the afternoon when I usually would discharge my battery already. So pointing solar arrays in different directions can actually help reducing the costs for your battery bank.

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  1. Used Solar panel degradation experiment, very interesting! My solar dealer has used panels cheep, function but much lower wattage!

  2. I have a East-South-West system to spread the production all day and it isn't bad, solar panels are much cheaper than the rest of the system relatively.

    What I would like is a high voltage DC-DC converter so I can run say 400-800 volts from the panels back to the MPPT which is one of the biggest problems I see with many of these current systems is that the voltage is far too low which wastes copper which is very precious!

    For that I think we need to move to three phase level voltages ASAP on the batteries.

  3. Hello… What is the power metering app that you are using?. I would like to have a cheap everyday log application.

  4. Thank you Andy for mentioning my channel. My fence is producing about 1300 Watt facing south with 8 used poly 240 Watt panels. Not that bad for spring time in germany. Thanks again !!

  5. HI can you please kindly help me on my solar system I have
    Panasonic VBHN330SJ53
    330W Solar Panel Module which I have connected 7 panels in series which is 7 x
    330 watts = 2310 watts and dc
    voltage approximate 483 Volts
    And I have another string exactly the same solar 7 x 330 panels series which 2310 watts so if I connected 2 strings in parallel which it's should be 2310watts plus 2310watts total
    4,620 watts on this system will it work ? and will it be fine ?
    Please kindly help me
    this thanks you

  6. Micro Inverters are better for arrays subject to partial shade….. but they are designed for a AC coupled system whilst your system is DC coupled (ie arrays connected battery via DC, not AC).
    Not well familiar with micro Invertors but in AC coupled the MPPT do not see directly the battery SOC so do not know when to slow down power production (when load is less than potential solar power at that time) by detuning the MPPT.
    In a SMA AC coupled system the battery Inverter commands the solar inverters to reduce power by increasing frequency (50Hz or less means full power, 52Hz means no power).
    1. What will command the micro Inverters to stop producing power (otherwise they will just keep increasing volts (up to upper limit) in order to deliver power available.
    2. How will you get this power back into the battery (not aware of these battery Inverters charging paths, thought it was only on AC input (aka Gen or grid input).
    3. You will need new cables rather than reuse Pool AC cable if it needs to AC input of 2nd inverter. Also that Pool AC cable is probably only rated for 10A, maybe up to 25A at 240v. Max array of 2500W to 6000w at best.

  7. Micro-Inverters are only the most efficient way of coupling your PV, if you can directly use it by actual AC loads. If you need to charge your batteries via AC-PV and the Multiplus, and then invert it back to AC again to power your loads, the overall losses are ~15+%. DC-coupled PV directly into the battery saves you at least one conversion. But if you can use the AC-PV power directly then that will be more efficient.

  8. I agree with David Macbeth. What better place than the pool cover? For stouter corners and some rails to mount the panels to. Use the panels as the roof. It doesn't matter if a little water even leaks thru and lands in the pool.

  9. DONE….!!!
    Guten Morgen Andreas…🤓
    Ich bin durch….
    Nach meiner Abwesenheit von fast 2 Monaten und den darauf folgenden AlltagsChaos hab fast 2 weitere Monate gebraucht um all deine Videos zu schauen zu verstehen… (paar Sachen musste ich 2 oder 3 mal schauen).
    Hier erstmal vielen lieben Dank für deine mega Arbeit…
    Ich mein fertig wird das alles ohnehin niemals..😁
    Wie ist es mit deinem Pool Chlor Dingsda weiter gegangen…?
    Jens hat auch recht… Meine wenigen Module hängen im Winter senkrecht an der Wand. Und Monat für Monat klapp ich sie weiter nach oben..Das wird jeweils am ersten Wochenende des Monats und fixiert…
    Apropos. Der letzte Kontakt zwischen mir und der netten Dame des Dosenabfüllers war im Dezember.. Finanzielle Unterstützung ist nur als spende möglich… Und dir Palettenweise Dosen zu schicken macht wenig Sinn.
    Da ich zu der Zeit schon im AusfallStadium war, hab ich sie gebeten selber mit dir Kontakt aufzunehmen… Aber deinen Videos nach ist da scheinbar noch nix passiert..😕
    Ich hatte im November auf deine Email geantwortet und ich weiß das du kaum Zeit hast zu antworten aber schau da bitte nochmal nach..
    Bier folgt in wenigen Minuten..
    🍻 Enny

  10. Trees make the place we live in. Everything else can work around this. Even solar . 👍

  11. Fitting cheap used panels to a fence is a good and easy way to make further use of them. I'm planning to do this because I have to replace a piece of ugly fence anyway. I have an aesthetic problem with the white reverse side, so I'll see what I can paint it with durable.
    I really don´t get your obsession with OeTTINGER… Yes its drinkable (better then enduring live without any beer…) but definitely nothing to write home about. As far as I know they do not advertise anything except the price. The only special thing about it is that it is VERY cheap, a crate (20 x 0.5l) sells for 4.80€ here…

  12. Trees and solar panels are conflicting interests! You could increase your output with a chain saw. Solar panels eat up area having two sets (morning and afternoon) doubles the area needed but a roof has "free area" where you don't want to live. A post mount panel array that tracks the sun gets you the AM peak and the Noon peak and the PM peak without eating up garden area but it needs appropriate control to move itself.
    Sometimes the solar should be planned with the house build!

  13. Hi Andy, greetings from sunny, not so hot, central Austria🌞🌞 – with a yesterdays production of 33 kWh/day from a 4,5kWp system. I was wondering which would be, in a perfect day, your daily production from your off grid system? THX

  14. I spoke of this months ago when you were adding all of your batteries. I did the math on my 16-272ah EVE batteries. I end up with approximately 250ah average when I run my setup at 50v on the low end to 54v on the high end. So, easy math here.. Just to charge the batteries to full capacity it would take a constant 30amps for 8.3 hours Just to charge the battery pack each day! Nothing else would be left to run the critical loads panel in my house. Now this would take 1500 watts of constant solar production to produce that many amps (Use the average hours of sun per your latitude and longitude for your area AND don't forget to take into consideration there are losses as well). For my area in Ohio the average sun per day isn't great (4.2 hrs). So it would take basically 3000 watts of solar to reach this.
    Just thought I would throw this in to help anyone that is building a system.


  16. 14kkws……I'm giddy with my sola set up giving me 1.4kws at moment, but we are just in spring in UK.
    Could I ask a question to you Andy and every one else.
    IV got a 30amp epever mppt so at moment IV got 2x 120w 20voc in series then 2x 100w 20voc in series then both series goes together in parallel.
    To my 600ah 12v lifepo4 pack.
    I was thinking of getting 8x 60w 20voc panels then doing two strings of 240w 80voc to max out my mppt charger.
    What's your thoughts?
    Ps Andy, as said before……ever watt of energy is better from solar than buying in off the grid!!!!!

  17. Did you consider SolarEdge Inverter with the Solar panel optimizers, I read it is more effcient than normal inverter/panel or micro inverters

  18. Thank you for this Video. That nearly the same Idea of what my "DIY Just for Playing System" looks like.
    I live in Germany with no Roof pointing to South where the sun is here at midday.

    So i had mounted 400Wp at South on the Wall of the House and 400W at East on the House. So at start of Spring I get 2,5kWh of Energy (with a neigbours house and my south Panels).
    But it's more a Hobby installation than a productive installation. The regulations here are really shit, so i don´t wanna use inverters and just taking the 24V of my battery to power most 12V Systems like Computers, Routers, NAS's, venting of the Bath, venting of the basement, light in my Garage and so on.

    But this is the experience i made: lower Wp the hole day could be very effective if the situation isn't perfect.
    BTW, my battery is only 4kWh…

  19. What about using a wind turbine if you get good winds plus they can produce power day and night

  20. The oily film is interesting. One guess is that it could be a hydrophobic coating on the glass and small soap residue on the glass being pulled together over time and congregating as the humidity levels change. It may be worth experimenting on one panel after a clean with a second clean using deionised or distilled water only. Another guess is that plastic laminate layer has been placed over the glass and a plasticiser is now leaching out. Do the lower performance cells show any colour change to the higher ones? Is there a output difference between clean but oily and clean and non-oily by any noticeable amount? It may be worth experiment/sacrificing one of the lower performance ones, and take to it with a polishing compound with a cutting agent in it (such as a car cut'n'polish or buffing compound) and a wool/microfiber drill head. Alternately if you want to go more extreme and controversial, scratch away the layer using wet/dry sandpaper, then finer and finer grades to achieve a high polish.

  21. Trees are solar suckers! I have a couple trees that give me problems sometimes also. Sometimes I feel like getting the chainsaw out. I have so far two ground mounts pedistools that rotate. 1200w+ each. Going to add trackers on them soon. Plus add a couple more of them. I deal with snow in the winter so I wanted to be able to clean them off from the ground. My buddy has panels on his fence. He has 16- 320w panels. Been thinking about trying some solar concentrator panels like the channel "Tech Ingredients" does. Fun with SOLAR! 😎. Goodnight!

  22. Tree Shadow length is dependent on latitude and the earth tilt angle. Where I live the Shadow length is almost a factor of 2 longer in winter verses summer. I got screwed by a leafless tree 100 ft away from Nov to February.

  23. Tree pollen is oily, and forms a sticky goo like glue, which collects dirt.
    Washing my car after the tree mating season is more difficult than at other times of year.

  24. Hello. I wrote you before about shades from trees around your garage roof. You must make trees around garage SHORTER. Long trees stop direct sun light when sun is not at the top. Possible energy increase will be around 30% minimum. Thanks for good and useful videos.

  25. Would it be a good idea for off grip micro inverters. A big thak you for your videos and hope the beer calibration is still in good spec. I can't wait for your experiment on micro inverters. Am on a very tight budget and I need to upgrade my solar after I lost 2 panels in my 4 panel array. The batteries (agm) are also dead so am looking at a new setup. Micro inverters. Very interesting but we have limited feedback for the average user.

  26. I've watched your videos for some time (I'm pretty sure I've seen them all). Not necessarily relevant to this video, but I decided to finally have some kind of solar solution. In my apartment, I can't have any kind of gas generator. I decided to get the Bluetti AC200P while it was on sale and their portable 350 watt panel. Ideally this will hold me over during power outages. If I had more time, I'd definitely would've considered doing something DIY, especially with all your insight. But I also appreciate the video you did on the Bluetti option and how often you show using it as a backup.

  27. Perfect test. You wanted winter conditions and that's what you got. 3x panels 1kwh. you can get 9 panel along there. 3kwh on a cloudy day is great. Six months that's 180Kwh base with 3 panels or 540Kwh with 9 panels base. Incredible amount of power for zero work. Just cable tie to the fence. You'd be mad not to do it.

  28. !!!! RUN ANDY !!!!

    That Chinook helicopter has found your hidden super villain headquarters under the pool.

    I think your plans to take over with your mega power grid have been leaked ! You need to be more careful, they have allready started using using your S P A T system. If you look online SPAT'S have a NATO part number.

    Get out while you can and blame the minions !!!

  29. As per you micro inverter conversation, check out dc optimizers. Specifically the Tigo TS4 optimizers. I run them in my system and they correct shading in a very simple way. I have been waiting for someone in the DIY community to check these things out

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