How much energy can we produce with these three solar panels along the fence line? ☀️⚡

In todays video, I’m doing a little solar panel test over several days. This not so much to test out the solar panels but more to check the location. I’m basically looking for a spot around my garage where I can install some more solar panels and strings especially for winter time when I have a lot of shading on my garage.
In the Victron VRM, I can already see that the overall solar production is down by 40% to what we had in December. From now on, it will get only worse and the incoming energy will go further down over the next months.
So, it is time to explore some more options and test some locations. I also show you how the new (temporary) solar array helps with the production especially in the afternoon when I usually would discharge my battery already. So pointing solar arrays in different directions can actually help reducing the costs for your battery bank.

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