How Much Power Does A 5kW Solar System Produce?

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One of the biggest misconceptions people have when sizing up a solar system is to think that a 5kW solar system will produce 5kW of power at any one time.

Covered in this video:
– The difference between kW and kWh, or power vs energy
– How a solar system calculated?
– How much does a 5kW solar panel system really produce?
– How much can you benefit from a 5kW system?


  1. Nice video, thanks. Can you help me calculate how much electricity my water pump consumes per hour. I use a Wizz mini motor made in Italy. 220v…..60Hz….3450min'……0.37kW….0.5Hp

  2. Meanwhile in the UK ,when Mrs May was PM she scrapped the feed in tariff .slashed £1000 off the EV grant and went on to raise the VAT on all things solar from 5% to 20% =tatal fking rip off now we find thanks to the Paris accord they put the energy bills up via 200% and then in April 2023 up it goes again by another 200% + .

    So a lot of people are buying an all in one OFF GRID inverter a couple of big panels & a couple of big AGM batteries ,because we cant afford LIPO or any other posh ones as the government is stealing all our money , using it to run the washing machine /dishwasher / dryer one at a time & when they are done we run the fridge freezer on it .

    The government gave us an energy cap it might as well been a dutch cap because every time the energy companies put up the price the fking gov keep raising the cap ,so we got cattle trucked anyway .

    I think if we had sir Les patterson as PM he would have done a better job than that pepper pig banter boy we have as a PM ! /UK

  3. Figures agree with my installation..Average currently 20.7 kwh. Output drops slightly during extremely hot days but a fair breeze will improve output.

  4. Just remember when you put a solar system in for your house, unless you willing to pay lots of money, normally the system will help you reduce your power bill not cover it all, so if you normally paid $200 for the power bill. After solar installed, you should see you bill reduced. Still better than nothing.

  5. 3:43 gevin that tesla battry is 80kw this means that the 5kw system producing 7200 KWH per year can charge tesla battry 90 times in one years . which make it payback for install cost on 2 years only ( calculated based on price of install and gas here in egypt )

  6. My 5KW system, using Enphase micro inverters has put out in 8.5 years 70.12MWh of power. I figured out the exact number of days (3099), and that is about 22.62KWh of power per day, or 8.26MWh per year. That's in California, a real 5KW system, and what it really puts out, based on weather, temperature and all the other factors.

  7. I Hate it. Grid power even using solar is still causing the individual to be reliant on someone else and must Pay that someone else for what could be theirs alone. I'm all for No Grid and individual homes with solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric. This way if the Grid goes down, all will be happy warm, and have good clean water and food because they won't be part of that grid. Cities should allow anyone who wants to run totally off the grid to do so.

  8. I have a 6.6kW system – 20 panels. A couple of days ago, we generated the highest amount so far (only had the system for 2 months), it generated 40.1 kilowatts for the day. At peak, it normally generates 4.921 kilowatts. So happy, that we're getting another system installed. The existing system will feed 100% to the grid, earning an income, whilst the new system will generate power for the house during daylight hours.

  9. Can you recommend a reputed & trusted company who can do a full roof install of panels & install inverter & install a Tesla PowerWall3 (or two) in upper north Melbourne (Cragieburn, Kalkallo, Mickleham) area – on a new house build? Guessing you only do installs in Sydney?

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