How solar energy became the cheapest in history

The sun. One of the most powerful energy sources ever available to humans.
The process of exploration this energy began more than two thousand years ago, requiring at first colossal knowledge and skills from a person. Thanks to this labor, today, solar energy has become the cheapest in history. But why, with all its cheapness, is it not used so widely?

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  1. We will see what everyone thinks of PV after this winter and the energy crisis in Europe and China – how many people will die – freeze to death over the foolish pursuit of electrification?

  2. It is not cheap – you are not doing full cost accounting – not including mining costs, disposal costs, batteries, transmission

  3. No technology has ever been replaced by a government mandated technology – a technology is only replaced by a superior technology – PV is not superior

  4. In northern latitudes, say above 40 degrees annual solar capacity factor is little better than 12%. ie 1000w of solar x 8760hrs/yr x 12%= 1051kWh/yr. In six months of winter the capacity factor drops to about 3% or less. What will make power the remaining 97% of the time? Solar is intermittent, unreliable, cannot be stored in grid quantities long term. An equivalent 1000w hydro plant working 24/7/345 would make 7884 times as much power in a year.

  5. Simple. China rise up and broke the domination of west countries monopoly to control the price of solar panel. Otherwise, just see other products still controlled by the west, how much it cost compare to other products.

  6. It is utter nonsense to say Solar/PV Panels cannot meet the worlds Energy Needs… first are you even aware how much Energy the world needs annually… ???By 2050, it will be about 180,000TWhrs/yr (we are talking of ALL Energy here… not just the present Grid customers..)…
    The above will require about 150TW of PV Panels… needing about 1 Million km2 of land/roof etc…
    The Population of the world is about 7.5 Billion with an estimated 2Billion homes… since there are many multistorey houses and many have roofs in the "wrong direction" … so the available roof area for PV Panels will probably be around 1Billion homes…

    The 1 Million km2 needed is 1Trillion m2 … so each "roof" would have to be 1,000m2… now you see why I say myopic…

    Just FYI… you just totally ignored the biggest landlords of all…. FARMERS (not your urban rooftops) … who ALREADY OWN 15Million km2 of land globally (US Farmers ALONE… own 4Million km2 of land… FYI…).
    By using AgriVoltaics (AV) one needs to (dual) use just 7% of Farmland for a 150TW Non-Polluting, Sustainable, Green Solar Energy System…. while growing food below the AV Structures… EASILY DONE…
    Your vision of using rooftops is myopic to say the least… to meet the 1 Million km2 requirement… and just spreads lies and falsehood so Polluters can continue to … Pollute as they cause 9Million Premature Deaths annually and 275Million DALY of Suffering globally… These lies just perpetrates the cruel myth that there is NOTHING ONE CAN DO to Stop these Murders and stop the use of these Pollution causing Weapons of Mass Destruction… I hope you will apologize and rectify your "blanket proclamations" in your video here… that judt "feeds the fire" of Death and Destruction caused by Pollution….
    Again… your "opinion" that only Fuel Cells can resolve the S2S (Sunset-To-Sunrise) Energy Storage is even worse… as it focus on Batteries that Pollute (remember the toxic waste of dead Lithium-Ion Batteries)… and Fuel Cells only… ignoring the 1 TW of Hydro Units and many other Technoligies luje TEZ, CAES, etc….
    By the way… if one converts the above 1TW Hydro Units.. you will see (if you want to) how the S2S Energy Storage (about 20-25% of total) 40,000TWhrs/yr can be met… but it is about time you did some real figuring out rather than proclaiming… it can't be done… don't expect me to help you out… sorry…

  7. Wow what a load of garbage. Solar farms to not create natural disasters of heat up the air greatly. 98% of solar panels do not contain toxic materials.

    One day of batteries allows solar to provide nearly all the grid demand most place where most people live. Longer lulls are easily handled by keeping the viable old generators for emergencies and using carbon negative fuels from wastes. Add wind and there usually one of the two producing. Hydro makes it even easier.

    Solar and wind have been the majority of new power installed for several years because they are the cheapest. They are grown exponentially. renewable is expected to be 90% of new power installed in the USA this year 2021.. 260 GW of renewable were installed last year. We do not need to invent "solar liquid fuels" or anything else: we have all the tech we need.

  8. well solar alone is cheap but highly intermittent. a stable of solar energy is much more exepnsive, because you have to take into account whatever the solution you go for to compensate the intermittence. may it even be spreading above huge distance, the oinfrasturcture has then to be taken into account and the power losses also …

  9. The Chinese had made far more contribution in clean energy than are credited for. Solar cell was invented in the US in the late 1940's but remained prohibitly expensive for almost 60 years until the Chinese started to crank them out very cheap that made this energy possible in compare with fossil fuel.

  10. energy storage has many solutions, some are great for short term demand and some are better for long term. So clearly it will be a mix. Solar in northern climes has greater intermittency however the southwest has the land and is rarely overcast. So HVDC transmission is a low loss way to move electrical energy. Wind, wave and tidal is great for coastal regions and the wind alley that runs south to north from Tx. Excess solar energy can be used to create H2 and ammonia for energy storage/fuel purposes.
    If there is a problem with renewables it is that there are too many solutions.

  11. It Isn't it is the most expensive energy we have it is just 90 percent subsidized but we cannot afford to keep up this nonsense!

  12. Actually the most efficient heating/cooling device available is the heat-pump. It does not create heat. It simply moves it from one place to another — from the outside to the inside for building heat and from the inside to the outside for building cooling. A single device does both. Storage plus transmission is sufficient to accomplish a 100% transition to solar and wind. We could accomplish it this decade if inaccurate sources of information like that contained in this video are effectively rebutted. Not only is 100% SWB achievable, it will save a lot of money as the title of this video suggests. We do not need fuel cells.

  13. …25 years ago, photovoltaic panels and wind power was for outcast engineers, for weirdos and tree-huggers. Never mind speaking of electric cars at a tech meeting. You would be on the layoff shortlist right away.

  14. Bill A. Why exaggerate so much. The most efficient solar panels even with the latest technologies, hardly get much above 22 percent efficiency (not 40 percent) , their installation widely requires government subsidies and they have many problems in consistent supply, not just the weather, but snow, for instance. When Al Gore air brushed clouds from his b/s global warming book-cover picture of the globe earth, he didn't manage to improve solar panel electricity supplies.

  15. Even these people admit that we need alternative power to solar as it is not reliable. And now they admit that they cause warming above them. And large "farms" may cause tornadoes and "unpredictable weather events". And new innovation is less efficient. ???

  16. If you ignore all of the subsidies and handwave away all of the externalities, solar appears cheap. In reality it is not.

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