How Solar Panels Are Professionally Cleaned

When solar panels are dirty, their efficiency can be reduced by up to 42%. Marcos Delgado is the owner of South Bay Solar Cleaning. His process involves inspecting the panels as well as the area underneath them and cleaning them with a specialized water-fed brush. He uses only deionized water, which soaks up dirt and prevents streaks.

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How Solar Panels Are Professionally Cleaned


  1. Why the nasty comments? If you want to clean them yourself, do it. But some people don’t have the time nor inclination to do it. People have Detailers clean their cars, Maids clean their houses, Landscapers to mow their lawns, etc.

  2. What licenses do you need to start a solar panel company in California do you need a contractors license?

  3. That must be nice to just call the panel cleaner hustlers when you feel like it.
    No such luck in backwards ass Amarillo Texas. You'll be doing EVERYTHING yourself with very few exceptions.
    Don't bother thinking they won't leave any roofing nails in your yard because they sure will.
    It's a fed controlled shit hole of violence, LGBT, BLM and any other crap you can think of.

  4. Most people wont climb on a roof to clean most people wont even go outside to cut a yard good business idea

  5. The manufacturer of our solar panels recommended that we give our solar panels a clean every several months with a soft bristled broom and soapy water. Easy

  6. Try using a good application of Rain-X Rain/Water Repellent, dirt and bird crap wash off with the lightest of water.

  7. I always thought mounting a water tank, pump and sprayer in a drone would help wash the solar panels, mounting a leaf blower might help clear snow. Of course, the drone software would have to compensate for the unwanted thrust. There are those window washing robots that use a vacuum to hold themselves to a window, someone should make a housing for one that can be attached to the solar panels, mind you it still would have to be brought down to changes the washing pads, maybe the entire housing could be removed and replaced by drone. Maybe they should just put window wipers on the solar panels.

  8. Lavoro in Italia non a norma. In Italia c'è l'obbligo di legarsi alla "linea vita". Lavorare senza cintura di sicurezza è pericoloso per le cadute e incidenti sul lavoro

  9. Sun God the impartial Donor, photo voltaic cell, the ability of Human Brain,
    also maintaining the Ecological balance.

  10. It's exactly the kind of operations that are absolutely necessary and can negate the ecological benefit of using rooftop solar panels, if not done properly.

    All of it takes energy. The guy probably used his car to go to that house, plus the products he uses. It might be an issue if it's a dusty environment and they have to repeat it several times a year. Less so, if the cleaner optimizes his movements and cleans all the panels in the vicinity during the same day.
    Modern panels are much better than 20 years ago. It is now recognized that it takes only a few years to cover the energy cost of the fabrication. But it is theoretical. Maintenance isn't properly accounted for, nor the delivery and installation costs in remote areas, not disposal, because those costs vary tremendously depending on the location and the number of panels.
    It's very easy to miss hidden costs.

    That's why they shouldn't subsidize renewable energies, nor any kind of energy. It falsifies all the economic calculation. It's just an approximation, of course, but considering that there are fossil fuels involved in all the steps of the life cycle of the object, it is safe to assume that if it is not economically viable, it is probably not ecologically relevant either.
    The price system is the only way to make sure that nothing is missed in the calculation, from the very first miner who extract the raw materials to the very least cleaner. Price works, because, if at any point someone finds that the cost is too high and the operation doesn't make sense, he will refuse to do the job, or find a way to reduce the cost.

  11. Such a waste of labour, why pay for this when go just grab the scrubber, water and DIY. go use elsewhere

  12. That brush may damage the panels, it may scratches it. Just rinse it first with water to remove most dust and later use microfiber to wipe. It is not rocket science, and you not need to hire someone, you can do it by yourself.

  13. i wouldn't worry so much about damaging the panels with the brush. Some of these newer panels are less fragile and can take a beating

  14. It's not worth it to clean them. My panels kick out alot of energy even when they are brown with dust they work very well

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