How Solar Power Works

A thorough exploration of the central concepts that make solar power work.

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0:00 Intro
1:16 P-N Junction
3:13 Space Charge Region
5:28 Supporting Structures
5:43 Anti-Reflective Layer
6:30 Front Contact
6:42 Passivation
6:56 Rear Contact
7:14 Module


  1. bro you dont know how much useful you are to students like me who hoping to be a engineer. keep up with these great work

  2. This is some really high quality stuff here. Just amazing.

    I really hope that you will do a deep video about how electricity really works. It sounds simple, whole my life i was thinking that its like water pipes. Energy flows from the plus to minus side of the battery… o i was so wrong, all my life was a lie. So lately i got shicked like 5 times a day and it really got me into electricity… i got shocked because of my jacket prolly as it stole my precious electrons from me and my kind water sink gave them back to me. However i cant get my mind over electricity.

    I stumbled on that Veritasium video where he provokes million questions. When he asks how fast will the light bulb go on if wires go to the moon and back. He made some serious claims like: electricity is not moving inside the cable but outside the cable. Some experts seem to agree with him, yet not in everything. I mean its a great video he did good by rizing questions but now world needs some good answers.

    While there are tons of videos about this they are no where near to quality of your videos. Thats why im asking here. You have so much detail and this is where many experts fail. They seem to leave out the obvious stuff and make things easier to understand but those little obvious things to them can leave other people clueless. Not clueless but it creates a situation where people know something but they dont really understand it.

    Those experts actually created more confusion in me than i got answers tbh.

    Like, this veriatasium video is actually right because wire in his video works like an antenna, so you could aswell cut the cables at the ends and light would still turn on instantly not after electricity travling to the moon and back. However its not true for sure. Not in normal conditions. I mean if id did this at home there is 100% that light wont turn on at all. I would need like very special setup to do this and it would be very dangerous i believe.

    But most interesting thing was that, when they explained that electricity goes to the moon and back in about 3 seconds. So light would turn on in 3 seconds in normal conditions. However he also added that electrons are not actually to the moon and back at this speed. Electrons move way slower than that.

    Why im writing so long letter here is that, there is actaully a lot going on when we talk about electricity. Yet, there are so many people like me in the world who actually compare it to water pipes with a pump. I mean it sounds all so simple while im not even sure if u could make one video to explain all this in high detail but if u could it would turn on many lamps in the world i believe.

    All the best for u!

  3. Silicone needs to be careful it doesn't get caught doping by the authorities…. They will be mad wanted then. lol

  4. So if i ever want to create something like this…this level of animation work…
    What should i learn from scratch?

  5. "The spent electrons return to the cell ready to absorb more photons" This is just an bad verbiage and seems to confuse others commentors. An electron isn't "spent", needing to return for more photons like a hungry man needing food to get more work done. Just leaving it as a difference in voltage/ generated electric field with a wire (fan in your case) connecting the two sides is fine and won't confuse as much.

  6. These videos are amazing. I learn a few things, and also learn there's a lot more I still need to learn…

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