How space-based solar power can save the planet | FT

Space launch costs are dropping rapidly. Solar panels are cheaper than ever. Could space-based solar power soon be price-competitive with nuclear? Promoted as a zero-carbon solution, classified military space planes have also been conducting experiments into wireless power transmission. The FT’s Peggy Hollinger looks at whether space-based solar power can move beyond science fiction.


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  1. Elon musk doesn't know hardly anything he has a good gut feeling that X y or z is going to be a market in the future and that's pretty much it he is a modern day Thomas Edison AKA someone who pays smarter people to make things for his corporation so he gets the patent because he owns the corporation… He gets the credit because no one knows the names of the scientists to actually make the breakthroughs

  2. Reason is not capability of we can't do but the reason is political and trust because every country will think they can use as weapon.
    Engineering is not issue but political . Politicians are not mature enough to harness this engineering Marvel they only think how we can use as weapon.

  3. So cool and nice with ☝️ Thanks to them for the $10,000 sent direct to my PayPal account

  4. Or they could mine bitcoin with the energy in the space station and transfer the value to renewables on earth

  5. Nice video looks like a long shot especially if grid connectivity and economics of solar on the ground continue to improve…

  6. I assure China is already building one, can't wait what US and EU will say after they build it up and start to take benefits from it while they will only stair at it and dram how beatifull would be to have their own.

  7. Dude this will destroy our ecosystem, when we can generate enough solar power on ground level then what is the need for this disastrous power station project..

  8. Nice! One consideration: what about debris in space? How "high" should that be to avoid being wasted? Other would be about safety to maintain it (e.g. rocket attacks, cybersecurity), but maybe they are still too far-fetched questions.

  9. @0:55 When was Elon Musk right about anything, except leeching money out of idiots that gamble in stock markets? He is the equivalent of Trump and Boris of libtards.

  10. I remember this from Sim City. Always tried to build one in hopes of actually seeing the corresponding disaster…

  11. This is a profoundly stupid idea. If you pump up energy from below the surface of the Earth, or pump in energy from above the Earth, you heat up the Biosphere in which Humans live. Both Ideas will kill all life on Earth.

  12. Seems like the price of space-based solar energy only really needs to compare with nuclear before it becomes competitive for large scale use. Certainly an interesting concept.

  13. If Musk finds it crazy then it can only mean one thing.
    Its the future and will happen over a period of time and the idea must Be explored and definitely not discarded.

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