How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Tesla’s Solar Roof

GAF Energy is taking on Tesla with the release of its new solar shingles. While the concept of solar shingles that blend in seamlessly with a regular roof has been around for decades, higher costs and lower efficiency and reliability as compared with traditional solar panels have prevented the product from taking off. But GAF Energy is the sister company to GAF, one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the world. And it believes that its deep ties to the roofing industry have allowed it to design a cost-competitive solar roof product that’s ready for the masses.

CLARIFICATION 1/5/22: At 11:02 in the video, there is a comparison made that needs clarification. The video states, “Given the GAF shingle’s dimensions and its 45 watt rating, it would produce, at maximum, 5.96 watts per square foot.” However, because of the way GAF Energy’s shingles overlap on the roof, 56% of each shingle is made up of non-solar material. If you consider the efficiency of only the active solar cells, GAF Energy’s shingle produces 14.29 watts per square foot, which the company says would be on par with the efficiency of Tesla’s shingle.

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How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Tesla’s Solar Roof


  1. Talk about a manufactured want. Is your chimney seamless? Are you gutters invisible? No. Solar panels are a thing, a component of the house, like doors and windows…its OK if you can see them. Don't waste billions of dollars fixing a fake problem. The whole venture is stupid no matter who is doing it.

  2. I’ll continue to stand by Tesla, I love my solar roof. “A commodity, isn’t always the quality route.”

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  6. In Florida unless the whole shingle is glued down it will blow away in a Hurricane. Roofs with solar on it suffer more catastrophic failure that normal roofs. Just a work to the wise who live in Florida. As a by note there was a home near me who had the "free" solar installed on their roof and within a year they had it removed and had to do a major repair job on thier three year old 50 year roof. Just a word to the wise here in Florida. Solar is not without problems and I have in no wise addressed all problems in any comprehensive manor.

  7. I wonder if these can be efficiently recycled at end of life, or do they go straight to the landfill?

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  9. Well, while this does look better than the floating solar cells, it doesent quite look as nice as the solar shingles.
    For me however I think a sollution like this would be best, as I dont know if I can justify insanely expensive solar roof.. We have a quite long ROI in Norway for solar.

  10. fortunately I don't live in California or Australia where the electricity price is more than 4-5 times my average costs. So it does not make sense to install any solar.

  11. Please don’t cheap out and put asphalt shingles on any roof. We went with the metal roof before we put solar on

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