How to build a basic portable solar power system -camping,boating,off grid living-

Useful info for those thinking about leaving their power bills behind. This detailed video shows how to build a basic solar powered set-up.
Ideal for camping, boats, motor-homes, caravans or if scaled up can be used to power an energy efficient house.
If you have any questions about the items used in this video, I’d be happy to answer.


  1. I gurantee that won't push 1500w. I gurantee you don't need overload protection unless it gets hit by lightning.

  2. I just got into this stuff, and need a positive line overload fuse, I think, but don't know where/what to get. Does the diode "check valve" also go on the positive to prevent backflow to the panel???

  3. Can solar and inverter work together without the BATTERY? Is an MPPT a must but the inverter has its own on and off?

  4. Just replaced the battery in my truck. The 5yr old battery won't charge beyond 85%. I just ordered a 35W solar panel, about $22US and a controller about $10US.
    I haven't yet bought an inverter as I plan on running 12VDC for lighting. If the power is off longer, I'll fire up the generator.

  5. So completely foreign to me, I wish there was a written parts list. Hard to keep track of very fast presentation and understand, but – saving for future reference.

  6. I have one i have a car battery it was interesting for me to see what i can do with it for charge at night

  7. Thank you for explaining so clearly. Can you run this inverter off a car battery which is still in the car and you keep the engine running? I'm trying to find an alternative to buying a separate generator

  8. Sir kindly show me how you connect the diode blocking i dont have idea what wire and what is the looks of the connection .. the video is not detailed much on diode blocking

  9. Looks pretty straightforward but how much energy does that little battery store? What can you run off of it?

  10. No point having an inverter on this setup because it won’t make enough power to use it. Why do people make pointless fucking videos.

  11. How much power would you require to run a whole household as an emergency back up for about a day also if you were running a 1000w light around the clock how much safe power to run this bit doing it easy without stressing the system could you run 4 2000 watt grid tie inverters in series.with let's say 4000w of solar panels and deep cycle long duty battries any danger of fires etc

  12. The solar controller is NOT MPPT it does not have an Induction coil so it is PWM which is still ok.

  13. I need some advice about solar. I hope someone can help me with the following. I have two 12 volt deep cycle 100 amp hour each battery's and I have two solar panels with the following specs each 315 Watt, Operating Voltage is 36,6 volt, Operating Current is 8,61 Amp, Open Circuit Voltage is 45.1 Volt, Short Circuit Current is 9.18 Amp. I also have a total of 150 watt 12 volt led lights. Question 1: What size charge controller do I need toe charge the two battery's with these solar panels and to run 150 watt 12 volt led lights ? Question 2: How long will I be able to run these 150 watt 12 volt led lights before the charge controller will shut them down ? Question 3: After the charge controller shut the lights down, how long will it take these two 315 watt solar panels to charge the battery's in a normal sunny day ? I will appreciate it very much if someone can give me the answers on these question and give me the formulas to get the answers as well.

  14. awesome video, really well explained, really clear and perfect for what i need which is outfitting a small hut.

  15. Hey there, thanks for this great video !! I'm looking to build a Solar setup for the summer for camping !! Can you put up some links for the parts?! It would be greatly appreciated !!

  16. No bull shit video,,,, do this,,do that,,bish bash bosh,,job done……
    Thank you sir,, much appreciated.

  17. how would I run things that would charge off a wall outlet using this? Like there's only one wall adapter so how could I charge my phone and my laptop at the same time?

  18. on a full charged car battery how long can you run just the drill? Anyone got a ballpark? Or perhaps a lamp or other test? thankds.

  19. question and a word of caution, you added a 100 Amp breaker, the size wire you are using would overheat long before a 100 Amp breaker would trip…

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