How to Install Solar Panels on Your "Solar Ready" RV

2021 UPDATE: We made this video a couple of years ago when adaptors either weren’t readily available or were very expensive. There are now adaptors available on Amazon that will switch the polarity for you, without having to tap into the wiring behind the plug. Here’s an example:

If your RV says it’s “solar ready,” what does that mean and where do you begin? Check out this video to find out how to install whatever brand of solar powered system you want despite what the sticker on your RV says. With just a 10 minute quick conversion of the polarity and a simple adaptor available from Renogy, you’ll be able to use the sun to power your RV and will be able to leave that noisy gas generator at home. All of our ears, sinuses, lungs, and the planet will thank you!

As Solar Ambassadors for Renogy, we use (sometimes abuse) and thoroughly test out products. Our goal is to figure out what they will do, often under extreme weather conditions, and how they will fit into a solar powered lifestyle.

We do solar education at schools, libraries, with scout troops, and RV shows around the country. If you’d like us to provide a seminar for your group or school, check out our website at:

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  1. Why is it, do you think, that every little thing about the RV industry operates on the same level as a SCAM? Even something as little as a plug. It's a SCAM. The solar panel industry went to the RV industry and said: "Hey, if we pay you, will you help us run a scam on your customers by switching the wiring?" And the RV industry said ABSOLUTELY. "We'll let you SCAM our customers if you PAY us a pittance." And people wonder why RV salesmen are worse than used car dealers.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. I was wondering how you ground your system. We have a small solar setup on our little camper, but it came with a grounding rod that isn't always possible to get into the rocky terrain where we camp. I would love some tips in how you ground this system.

  3. You could actually just switch your adapter's polarity as well. That would save you from having to actually go inside a cramped space and all that junk. Literally just snip your adapter in half, and switch the wires…… Or you could even just switch it before the MC4 Connectors…

  4. Another way to do this if you can’t access the wires is to buy a cheap 5 dollar adapter that switches polarity.
    I can’t access these wires that easily.

  5. Good video. The only problem I have comes in two words. “Air Conditioning”. No one ever discusses this subject. What’s the deal?

  6. Thanks for the video! Very helpful. Question though: If I want to roof mount a solar panel and run it through an MPPT controller and onto the battery rather than using a solar suitcase, is it as simple as running wires from the battery to the MPPT and the MPPT to the panels? Do I need fuses in between? Would the battery then have wires heading off to the MPPT controller as well as the electrical panel for the camper?

  7. Thank you for the helpful video. One question, do I still need a controller unit if my camper has a “solar ready” plug? Can I just buy the panels?

  8. Couldn’t you just unscrew the plug on the exterior of the trailer and unscrew the wires on the back of the plug and swap them? That way you don’t add any splices.

  9. I have a Vista cruiser by gulf stream it have a connection for solar panel too , my question is what type of solar panels is required ?

  10. Winnebago reversed the polarity on the output? I will never buy a Winnebago just for something as asinine as that. Positive should always be the receiver/female on a battery connection. Otherwise you could cause a problem simply because you're connecting a cable that engages pretty snug upon first push-in.

  11. hi, we have a "solar ready" (Furion) Class A and want to add solar panels for maintaining the batteries while in storage and short boondocking sessions, any advice?

  12. This was the exact video i needed to see. I sleep with a cpap as well and this was one of the concerns I had. What renogy solar panel kit did you buy?

  13. Nice video, thank you. I have the same solar suitcase that I bought on Black Friday and I have not used it. The new motorhome that I plan to buy has the connection on the roof.

  14. Awhhh he uses a CPAP. This is so cute. Taking charge of his own health and safety. I'm looking to install, I'm new to this. But great video, mine says prewired but I want to make sure I make the right investment with the right panel. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I have just sold my home. Bought a 5th Wheel, wired for solar. I'm ready to boondock and live off grid lifestyle. Thank you for your help!!!

  16. I appreciate the good information but to be completely honest to go through all that hassle to buy the adapter and everything I feel like you would be better just connecting it directly to the RV battery

  17. Thank you wish i would have seen this video a month ago Burnt up new solar panels. i know know though.

  18. I couldn't make out in the video, but there must be a note of caution that some of these solar ready wiring setups sometimes have a in-line fuse on the positive lead and this should be accounted for when swapping around wiring. You want to keep the fuse in-line with the positive input and not the negative.

  19. Hi! Do we need to connect from solar to controller to rv? Mine came zamp "solar ready" the solar panel comes with a controller thing, didn't see what you did with it? Thanks! 🙂

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