How to Install Solar Panels on Your "Solar Ready" RV

2021 UPDATE: We made this video a couple of years ago when adaptors either weren’t readily available or were very expensive. There are now adaptors available on Amazon that will switch the polarity for you, without having to tap into the wiring behind the plug. Here’s an example:

If your RV says it’s “solar ready,” what does that mean and where do you begin? Check out this video to find out how to install whatever brand of solar powered system you want despite what the sticker on your RV says. With just a 10 minute quick conversion of the polarity and a simple adaptor available from Renogy, you’ll be able to use the sun to power your RV and will be able to leave that noisy gas generator at home. All of our ears, sinuses, lungs, and the planet will thank you!

As Solar Ambassadors for Renogy, we use (sometimes abuse) and thoroughly test out products. Our goal is to figure out what they will do, often under extreme weather conditions, and how they will fit into a solar powered lifestyle.

We do solar education at schools, libraries, with scout troops, and RV shows around the country. If you’d like us to provide a seminar for your group or school, check out our website at:

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