How to install solar panels yourself on your roof. (It's easier than you think)

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  1. എന്തേ, ഭാരതീയർക്ക് ഇതൊന്നും àറിയില്ലെന്നാണോ ഈ 'സായിപ്പ്' വിചാരിക്കുന്നത്?

  2. Thanks very informative, bythe way what size of earthing wire is required for size of Installation

  3. wth why did you need the measurements of mounting holes on panels if you did not use the mounting holes… lol

  4. Are you going to skip the part when you tell them that they need to caulk the flashing in a horseshoe dial starting from the left going up and then back down to the right side so it makes a little barrier just in case water somehow gets underneath the flashing I get that this is a demo but you should tell people when to use cock

  5. And like I previously just said don't just assume they are 24in apart go in measure it when you're inside measuring for the first drill hole just to double-check instead of just putting holes in these people's roof over and over again

  6. Hey man just throw me out of here you could always just go inside and measure the roof on the inside to see how far over you actually need to drill just need to add in the boards on the end

  7. This was posted in June Yet I can see breath coming out of his mouth as he speaks as if it was winter?

  8. That guy was very good, learned what I needed!!!!! ONLY QUESTION: What did the 35.5" measurement on back of panels have to do with rail placement?? Appeared not significant since not using those holes on the back of PV panels.

  9. Why don't you yanks get with the metric system like most of the rest of the world has been for over half a century?
    Archaic measurements like feet and inches are almost as bad as cubits.
    Even little Australia has used metric since the late nineteen sixties!

  10. THANK YOU!! I am watching your videos to prep for an interview for a solar company. I need to learn the terminology and stuff.

    I’m a corrections officer and I am so stressed. I wanna new start and to do something hands-on. Wish me luck!

  11. this is the sloppiest piece of work ive ever seen. you are doing this totally incorrectly. you are supposed to cut the shingle out so you have at least a 1 inch overlap on the sides of the shingle to the flashing, then you fill and surround the hole with tar and sealer. you NEVER drill the hole from the outside. You are supposed to go into the attic and drill the hole from the inside angling the screw inward under the truss so you know you are right on top of it, so you dont miss and add extra holes. People do not follow this instruction

  12. Thanks to my colleague, Note: is there anyone who needs a skills, especially on electrical installation, CCtv installation, solar power installation (inverter) kindly DM, let's get started

  13. I'm not finding one model number or part number to lookup this rack system. It's on the market I presume. I like to support products that are represented well but not able in this case.

  14. There you have it folks, no need to plug any panels in. Nicolas Tesla would be proud to learn his wireless electricity transmission is finally a complete success.

  15. Do you have a link to the flashings you used there? I’m struggling to find something similar for sale in the Uk to use on the shingled roof of my log cabin.


  17. Really good overview of the panel and racking system install. Do you have a follow on video that shows the wiring from panels to meter?

  18. I have a tiled roof the tiles are rectangular how do you add flashing …do the tiles need to be removed permanently?

  19. Break the bolt with excess Heat going into the trust dude really you really sound like you full of BS

  20. what about regualar snap and rack.. L-Feet, adjustable legs?… this installation seems time consuming

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