How to Install the Ring Solar Panel for Spotlight Cam Battery/Solar

This video shows you how to install the Ring Solar Panel to charge your Spotlight Cam Battery or Spotlight Cam Solar with the power of the sun.

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  1. Do you need 2 batteries for solar panel to keep it charged? I have 1 and it drains in a day, solar panel is connected but it still dies.

  2. I’m glad to see there are instructions that show practical application. It might be just me but I really dislike her voice. Sounds like a Kardasian and they are very annoying

  3. My solar panel didn't come with the waterproof connector at the plug end of the cable. Could that be the reason why the solar panel is not connecting? I'm having an issue with the connection.

  4. How do I know the solar panel is connected? Can I see it’s connected to my camera through the app?

  5. My solar charger was working for a while and now I have to charge the battery about every two weeks. I have only had this for about six months. It gets at least 4 hours of direct morning sun. Can anyone give me some advice as to what I need to do to troubleshoot.

  6. My bro has a ring cam but never charges it lol it really dies pretty fast. Wired is best

  7. I Solar panel has been setup for about 5 months now. Works well but batteries stay charged at 100% will that damage the batteries still they stay constantly at 100% with the solar panel?

  8. how do I charge the battery if I do not have solar panel. Do I need to replace the battery

  9. Bough 2 solar Panels for my two spotlight cams and BOTH didn’t have the small screws for the hook up to the camera

  10. I like the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery/Solar a lot. Only thing is that 'long' screw that connects the camera to its pivot mount is too short, in my opinion. It was very thoughtful to add extras to the kit, but I just could not get the job done while up on the ladder; I wound up using a hose clamp around the pivot clamp – the little screws all ended up in the landscape shubs. A longer screw would allow the threads to catch the far end of the clamp and still be loose enough to fit the ball pivot into the clamp. Anyway, I am VERY pleased with the camera performance. Battery stays charged even with HDR, stills taken every five minutes, and spotlight activation upon nighttime motion detection. Exactly what I was hoping for! Good job. I'm going to buy another one right now (I have another hose clamp 😉

  11. my solar panel does not work. i will have to have somebody get up there and move it in case it isn't getting enough sun. if that doesn't help i will be calling.

  12. The solar panel doesn't come with piece that keep the wire secure in the back of the spotlight camera. My sister inlaw didn't have one or I didn't have one for my camera either.

  13. Hi Ring, I just received the Spotlight Cam (Battery) – my previous stick up cam used the solar panel (the one with the Micro USB plug), watching this video, it seems I can get an adapter so I can re-use the panel on the new camera, can you please tell me where I can buy this? I am in the UK. Thank you.

  14. Mine has yet to charge my camera. I’m wondering if something is wrong with the solar panel itself. I’ve emailed ring with no response. I also didn’t receive a weather barrier piece that’s shown in the video. 😒

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