How to Make Solar Electric Bike

Hi friends today I am going to show how to make Solar Electric Bike with 12v,125w Loom solar panel. The bike is self charging by the solar panel .At first have used 24v ,12A battery then I replace it by 24v ,18A lifepo4 battery. At direct sunlight it takes 3-4 h to full charge. If you run the cycle at the sunlight after full charge the range increases 30 to 50 km.

The material I have used you can get here

1. Loom solar panel 12v ,125w (mono)

2. 24v, 250 watt E bike kit-

3. DC Boost Converter 12 – 35V / 6A Step – Up

4 . 24v ,18A battery pack , etc .

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  1. Better to support with another wheel two, on wheels always fall cycle u have to buy new panel

  2. this is awesome, there is more room for improvements but this invention will be helpful not only in todays gasoline cost but also for the environment.

  3. You didn't understand that electric vehicles produce more environmental damage than combustion engines. The production of batteries and other parts requires a lot of energy. The batteries are pure poison and must be disposed of at some point.
    You all only think until noon and not until evening.

  4. Keep in mind it's still running off the battery that's right there plainly you can see the big damn thing sitting right there in the middle of the bike. Take that battery out and then just run it off the solar only then you got something also if you can show me that it's charging the battery and keeping the battery at 100% the whole time you're riding then I will be interested. I know these boosters spit out up to like 72 volts or something like that at a low amp but not sure what a 100 watt solar panel could power with a booster I guess let the games begin see who can figure this shit out

  5. 14ah 24ah Lityum Pil batarya . Elektrikli scooter ve motor Lityum Pil aküler yspıyorum. TÜRKİYE

  6. Useless video. You just make for YouTube. Make it a business. You can make crores of rupees from this

  7. What are the chances of falling down and breaking the solar panel
    It could even fall on its own in a parking stand

  8. भाई साहेबजी नमस्कार यह कितने रुपये में बन जाता है जी जानकारी दैना जी,, जय श्री कृष्णा जी श्रीं राधे राधेजी❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Around here the most common solar panel is the kind used for electric fences to keep cattle in. Can that kind of solar panel be used?

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