How To Mount Large Solar Panels on RV with NO DRILLING | Winnebago Class A | RVwithTito DIY

What?! NO Drilling Holes in the RV roof? Is it strong enough? I’ll show you how I installed these very large solar panels on the RV roof. BONUS: How to save lots of money by buying used solar panels.

00:00 RV Solar Panel Installation
00:50 Should You Buy Used Solar Panels?
02:35 How to test solar panels?
07:05 Planning my solar panel layout on the RV roof
08:20 How to Remove Satellite and TV antenna from RV
13:34 How to create a Unistrut Strut Channel Track Solar Panel Mount
16:54 How to mount solar panels on RV without drilling holes in the roof

We’re upgrading our 2003 Winnebago Adventurer Class A Motorhome with the ultimate Off-Grid Solar and Lithium system. SUBSCRIBE here to follow along:

PARTS/EQUIPMENT MENTIONED IN VIDEO (affiliate links – see affiliate disclosure below)
Where to Buy Used Solar Panels (SanTan Solar):
Buy these SunPower e-Series Panels on eBay (By Pallet Only:
VHB Tape Used:
Sika Flex Roof Sealant:
Rivet Nut Tool:
1/4 x 20 Rivet Nuts:
WAGO Wire Connectors:
A good Large Display Multimeter:

[Still working on this, Check back for a link to more details, diagrams and equipment lists…]



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  1. Watched several of your solar panel install videos. Looks like you nailed it on this one imho. I’ve installed a 8kw ground diy so I’ve used rails and anchors but ive seen videos on using the unistruts. I like how you used the strut and the tape to anchor it on the roof, and you custom brackets to keep a low profile, very nice. You have a good sense on a tidy install and put some wonderful thought in your builds. enjoy!

  2. Great video, Tito. I have been looking for ways to mount my PV panels on my MH. Just to clarify, the top surface of your MH is Fiberglass? Mine is EDPM. I think I will have to use jack nuts to secure the channel with the tape.

  3. Any particular reason you decided on VHB rather than an adhesive like Sikaflex or various hybrid polymer adhesive+sealants? I'm a big fan of Soudal's 'High Tack' which claims 3kg/cm2 shear load, and I'd expect that to be significantly stronger than the tape, and does the sealing job you use sikaflex for too. Still I am jealous of how much roof space you have. I can get about one of those panels on my van.

  4. I'm not familiar with VHB tape. I am curious as to how well it holds up over time. Temperature changes, weather, wind, and other factors that might change it's holding strength. I'm looking forward to learning more.

  5. Great job! Hope to talk my wife into a large solar array sometime. I’d love to design one and install it! I’m in training to be a certified tech and hope to specialize in solar!!!

  6. You always have such interesting, informative, useful, thought provoking, well thought out videos on the web. Most all of the solar equipment I have installed on my camper have come from your guidance.
    Thank you.

  7. I wonder about the different rates of thermal expansion between the rails and the roof material with the rails being that long. I guess a few winter to summer cycles will show if it causes the tape joint any problems.

  8. very nice, neat and strong install. My only "issue" is that you have very little cooling gap underneath the panels, which will knock off 20%+ of your solar harvest due to heat. You REALLY want a minimum of 50mm (2") of gap underneath the panels.

  9. Looks pretty good sitting up there. I love the tool you used on adding the threaded nuts to the panels. That thing comes in so handy. Thanks for sharing! Steve

  10. Those are massive panels. I really like how you took advantage of the the shell roof to use VHB instead of bolting straight through. No need to add any more points of entry for moisture than you need, right?

  11. Wow, I never heard of anyone having 1,700 watts of solar on their rig! I do not normally even watch YouTube videos of people with bigger rigs, ended up here because you had a 6 month review of a Webasto heater. You have some good ideas that can be used on smaller vehicles and vans also. Thanks. So subscribed today!

    Impressive tools and shop. You said you were leaving space for any water to go out by not having the whole length done, but then put caulk down the entire outside edge. Can you tell me who so that I can understand? I would think that would trap water in there. Beautiful installation. For DIY you are very professional.

  12. Would a larger number of smaller panels for the same wattage be more efficient with respect to shading? I know all panels now have bypass diodes, but if 1/4 of one of those large panels was in the shade, wouldn't it be more degrading than say if one entire 200 W panel out of 8 was blocked?

  13. Hello Brian. I have the same panels. Is there a reason you went with Victron Smart MPPT 100/50 as opposed to the 100/30’s? According to the Victron Calculator the 100/30 would work with your 12v LFP battery and are $90 cheaper per charge controller. I’m planning a similar 12v system with these panels.

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