How To Power A TV With Solar Power

Green Energy in Georgia – How to power a TV with Solar Power – At the Annual Dogwood Festival in Atlanta Georgia, in the EcoVillage, Tom Mills powered a 40” Flat Screen TV with Solar Power using a 90 Watt solar panel provided by Super Green Solutions in Alpharetta Ga.


  1. Good morning from here sir .. am currently in senegal .. and i want too start a game center setup .. so the eletricity here is very costly .. so i am thinking of using solar .. please how much solar i can use for 10 televsion of 32 inches each .. i wil be waiting for reply .. thanks

  2. If you run each room off it's own panels, battery, and inverter you could easily afford to install it throughout your home one room at a time.

  3. if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  4. Maybe geeat for in a desert, but around my house we are surrounded by tall trees, so the panels would need to be at least 100 feet in the air, mounted on a mast….., then the cost of wires coming down from that height, loss of power from the lenngth run and cost of the mast itself, cost of inverter, battery etc and it seems cheaper to just plug my tv i use to watch football games outside on back patio to the main electric grid

  5. Why do it with so little power? Why not use 300-600 watts of panels? Put them all on top of a van while you sit out there and don't use a car battery. Use a deep cycle battery meant for deep discharges. All these videos I see of people using such small wattage. WHY?!?!?!?! It's always better to have overkill of solar panels to keep from cutting the lifespan of your batteries.

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