How To Setup A Solar Power System | Cheap Solar Panel System | Quick and Easy Guide (2021)

A step by step guide to your first basic solar panel system! You can have free energy today! Setting up is easy and cheap. I have always wanted to charge my phone, computer and other small appliances with renewable energy. And I discovered that this is the most basic solar set up you can do to power and charge my personal gadgets using an off grid solar power system. It is very easy to set up and diy! Anyone, even one without any electrical experience, can easily set this up in their rooms or office!

00:00 – Intro
00:04 – 3 Things To Consider
00:17 – 4 Basic Components
00:32 – Solar Charge Controller
01:35 – Sealed Lead Acid Battery
02:00 – 500 Watt Power Inverter
02:47 – 50 Watt Solar Panel
03:07 – Summary of How The System Works
03:30 – How To Set Up The Solar Power System
05:27 – How To Operate The Solar Power System
05:51 – Testing – Charging Gadgets
06:23 – Testing – Electric Fan
06:45 – Summary

Solar Panels
Solar Charge Controller
Power Inverter
Deep Cycle Solar Batteries
High Quality Electric Wire

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  1. I want to light my street lights . Which 15w led bulbs x 5. So 1 540w panel can give me the electric with 12 hours backup? So wht battery do i need for it i mean how much amp to get 12 hours of light of 15w x 5 led bulbs. Please tell me.

  2. when connecting inverter to the pwm (load ) the inverter not working and red light in innverter flash …when connect it direct to battery its working good and green light working. about 12 watt on inverter.what is the reason?

  3. Clear explanation,easy tk understand. How much is that kind of set-up for solar power?
    And where to buy those materials?

  4. What is the limit of the battery? Could I use it for a 1000w heater and for how long could I use it. Could this fully charge a laptop? Great video btw!

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