How to Solar Power LED Lights for Decoration – RCLifeOn

In this video I will show you have to power LED lights by using solar panels as the power source. Here’s all the components used in the video:

LED lights:
Solar panels:

This is a a very inexpensive project that gives beautiful results. Begin with combining the solar panels in a way to receive a 12V source with a 300mA minimum. Attach the solar panels to a sheet of foam and solder cables equal to the length of the distance between your solar panels and your LED lights. Position the solar panels on the highest point around you (obviously outside). Solder your solar panel cable to the switch and then your LED lights.

Even though your LED lights will be powered during the day I highly recommend buying a total of 8 solar panels. This will ensure you always have 12 volts going to your LED lights. In case you only purchase 4 solar panels it’s crucial to find the location with the longest sunshine hours.

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Sony Alpha a55
DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
GoPro Hero 2

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