I go through the rationale of how to wire a bigger solar electric pv photovoltaic system on a house. We have 30 Yingli solar modules (275 watts each) on this house in Carbondale, CO for a total of 8250 watts, 8.25 Kilowatts, KW. Multiple strings are required, I go over why you need to divide the panels up into strings, along with some math. A Sunnyboy SMA inverter was installed on this house. I also go over how to wire a production meter, different utilities require different wiring configurations in regards to line and load. In addition, I go over some of the labels that required by the NEC code. Check out my other videos for smaller systems, questions are welcome.

Here’s a previous video were I install 1.47 KW with an Enphase microinverters.

I explain how much this system cost and I go over the site plan and electrical diagram in this link

Here’s a bigger system at 44 KW that I installed on top of a commercial building.

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  1. Jesse I'm trying to fill out my utility company application can you help me with these question. 1. Metering (voltage, location, losses adjustment due to metering location and other: 2. Facilities to be furnished by cooperative. 3.Facilities to be furnished by DG owner/operator. 4. Cost responsibility. 5. Control area interchange point. 6.Supplemental terms and condition attached. 7. Delivery voltage. Thanks

  2. Nice work dude! Question fer ya, I'm doing a 9.9 kW single phase system currently here in Pine CO. Based on enphase IQ7+ inverters, IQ Combiner 3 and using 27 365w REC group panels and planning on using a single ground between the three arrays' railing running thru one raceway. Is that cool or do I need to have a ground homerun for each array to combiner? That would cramp up my conduit. IREA says single ground will do but looking for your thoughts.

    Also, what production meter panel do you reco? It's the only thing I don't yet have in stock. This is for IREA. I have an all terrain 32' scissor lift coming Monday for panel installation and hope all my wiring gets done this wknd! This is a high 8:12 roof too. Kinda spooky but being a climber helps 🙂

  3. Thanks for the video. I feel like when you showed us the disconnect in between the meter and inverter you had the neutral on a lug that was not isolated from the enclosure. Would this not be grounding the neutral in multiple location? If you were calling the solar a derived new service and your green wire was a grounding electrode, would your conduit system not need to be grounded?

  4. Looking for a DIY system for my house. what are some resources that will help me plan out this project from top to bottom? I have never done anything like this or any electrical work.

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