I Installed a Power Plant Myself | HUGE DIY Solar Panel System

I have wanted to get solar panels for a while but I didn’t think it was worth it. But prices have come way down, and I also wondered if I could do it myself. This was one of my most challenging projects yet, but so rewarding! Now we have no electric bills and we even make money every month. #DIYsolar #solar #solarpanels

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  1. I have two inverters from solar edge too. How did you get all panels to show up on your solar Edge layout? I can only see one inverter setup..

  2. What is typically better: net metering (excess energy sent to the grid, switch to grid during dark times) or battery storage. So meaning, store your excess power to batteries to use during the night vs uploading power to the grid during the day and using grid power during the night?

  3. When you consider how ugly they are, how little return for outlay you get, life span, maintenance, cleaning and the end waste product surely even nuclear power is more practicable.

  4. I live in the UK east coast Yorkshire area and have a 14kwh array with a 13kwh battery combined with a Eddi water heater. Between April to the back end of September I am between 98% to 100% energy independent. My generation is capped at 6kwh due to the grid here, still on a good day I generate up to 60 kwh. Overall throughout the year I am 80% independent as winter months are pretty dismal. I am just installing water harvesting now. Utility independence is possible on a budget. Well done yourself !

  5. Do you have some surge protection on those panels? Didn’t see any in the video and I’d hate to see those expensive panels fry.

  6. Dude how about making small solar inverters that will power up our daily needs using a backup and charge controller 🤔

  7. I don't think that would not pass inspection in CA. Installer told me you have to have room to walk around the panels top and bottom and sides (in case of fire or something?). Have to check local building code to ensure the clearances from edge and any vents.

  8. Great work and great presentation. Can you tell me how much was your electrical bill on average and how much did this cost you in total to install including roofer and electrican ? Thanks

  9. in los angeles, you have to get permits to tear down walls on your property and other things. with that said, politicians can just make some bs reason to tax solar energy that you installed on your own property and the leftist will buy it. its really concerning

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