I'M REALLY ANGRY // solar power struggles

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  1. I am very excited about the A-frame house for Roberto. I hope that is the right name, forgive me if not. I can't stand to wait to see it finished. Gosh, I hope the world lasts long enough to see it done and Roberto to enjoy it. I know it would be beautiful when done.


  2. It's crazy how far you guys come! I haven't watched you guys since like the beginning when you made the van and now just see all this it's amazing happy for you guys!

  3. Look up DIY Solar with Will Prowse. He is crazy knowledgeable about all things Solar, Electrical, many products, and what works best with what. You're welcome. peace and love

  4. This thing you are burning up should have fried along time ago. Didn't you read the description on the Mttp controller? 1300 watts rating on 12 volts batteries. Hitting it with 2400 watts is just plane ignorant. You need to do a better job at planning the project. Being stupid doesn't cut it in the Jungle. description – Introducing the new 100A Rover MPPT Charge Controller, the largest Rover controller that Renogy has to offer. Capable of supporting up to 1300 watts on 12 volts, 2600 watts on 24 volts, 3900 watts on 36V and 5200 watts on 48V. This off-grid controller was designed for large-scale projects, both mobile and stationary. For even more power, users can utilize a unique feature limited to this Rover and connect two 100A Rover controllers in parallel for a total of 200 amps! This smart charge controller can also conveniently self-diagnose itself in the event of an error and can be remotely controlled through the DC Home app using the Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module. By pairing the Rover with the new BT-1 and the DC Home app through Bluetooth, users can easily monitor and adjust their solar system straight from their phones.

  5. Im just interacting with this video because I want you guys to get more vews and a better sponsorship! Really respect the honesty about Renogy.

  6. You should try a whole food plant based diet. Whole grains wont weigh you down like meat or processed food does. Cutting out the animal products gives you so much energy.

  7. I love your honesty about the company – you know people trust you and all your experiences so we would buy stuff you recommend w/o much research cause of your trustworthiness – Its great to know you don’t play that “well they pay us” stuff – Thank You ❤️❤️❤️

  8. What company in their right mind is going to sponsor you in future when you took a sponsorship and used it to say how shitty your sponsor is? Kind of a bad move. The correct thing to do is the change products and quietly end the sponsorship. All you gain by complaining here is a bad reputation for future sponsors.

  9. We had the same problem with our renogy charge controller!!! Fixed it though, for now at least 🤞 turns out the fuse in between the charge controller and the battery was messing with the signal. So now instead of having all the wires run through the fuse, we rerouted the wires that just send information outside of the fuse.

  10. Love your energy… Hubby, honey I had chicken tenders yesterday… A chocolate bar 5 min ago… Hahaha… I love the adventure… Thanks for sharing

  11. Are you snipping basil by their leaves? If so do not pick just leaves snip Right below new growth so if you see a new leaf bunch forming snip the stem right below it it’ll encourage the plant to grow more and bushier opposed to lengthy

  12. So happy to finally be able to catch up on your videos. I was out exploring in the wild. It’s coming up on 15 months of vanlife. I’ve visited 31 National Parks and many more awesome state parks, National Forest areas, towns, and a few cities. I can’t thank you 🙏 enough for all your encouragement to start this journey. Love 💕 ya!

  13. Are you all okay? Hearing about flooding in Mexico and I know that you are in Panama but I have not seen a new video for the last 5 days. Prayers for ya'll safety. 💯🙏❤😘

  14. Corns not gonna be a good wind block it’s gonna lay flat when the wind gets storm but shrubs would be good because they have thick stems

  15. Totally justified rant. I despise companies that build inferior products and the cop out on their warranties. Give 'em hell!

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