Inspecting Solar Panels with Thermal Drones | FLIR Delta – Episode 11

In the latest episode of FLIR Delta, we will answer the four most commonly asked questions about using thermal drones in solar panel inspections.
• Why use a thermal drone to inspect solar installations?
• What am I looking for?
• How should I fly the inspection?
• Can I diagnose problems with just the images I capture?

Don’t miss the download Drone Pilot Checklist for Solar Inspection from our friends at Raptor Maps:

For professional thermal training visit the ITC:


  1. Subject is for sure very interesting, but way of explanation about drones …. maybe it's good to mention at the beginning of the video – no proper technical info will be provided – just >>>> )) Is it really hard to mention GSD and other real data ? or it's a kind of secret knowledge ))) ahaha )) Sorry – disappointed to get that type of video from one of the industrial leading tech companies … And I am sure it cost a few hundred $$ to make this video ))

  2. Hola un gusto saludarle! Puedes dejar los datos de imagenes de un parque solar? el set de imágenes para realizar un ejercicio en Pix4dMapper? Muchas gracias🙏

  3. Hey! Thanks for the video.
    Quick question… Which UAV gives best results when used with Vue pro r and duo pro? I already have a Vue pro and a Vue pro r 640 which I am using with Phantom 3 and 4

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