Install solar panels on RV roof with TILT BRACKETS || Renogy solar panels

Install solar panels on RV roof with tilt brackets. Jay installs our new Renogy solar panels with tilt brackets to the top of our RV and will share how to install solar panels on your RV roof with tilt brackets, too.

You can navigate through the video back and forth using the chapters section (below). This way you can easily come back to the information you need.

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Cutoff switch:
Cable entry:
Renogy 100W panel:
Renogy 100Ah battery:
Renogy charge controller:
Battery monitor:



DJI Mavic Air:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
Rode VideoMicro:

Blue TST Enzyme:
Folding Saw:
Self-leveling sealant:

0:00 Chapters
0:15 Test the panels
1:06 Install tilt brackets
2:33 Mount to the roof

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  1. Hey dude, I just stumbled upon here and thought I'd give some free worthless feedback. You are clearly capable of making good videos, that's cool, keep it up. BUT this video seems to have just rankeled by feathers. Why? Its a great example of someone making what is formatted and comes across like a "how-to" when you don't seem to know any more than anybody else with google and a youtube account. I get it, you're trying to be an rv youtuber, that's cool, I hope it works out for you. But I for one am totally turned off by fake experts. I would much rather watch a "watch me figure this solar thing out, on the fly and make some arbitrary decisions that I have no clue if they are actually the best solution" rather than watch you fumble through an adhoc how to. You know what I mean? It's like this, I know a bit about solar, I know a bit about rv's and campers. I'm actively looking for professional, expert AND individual DIY content on the subject which is what brought me here. But I want people to be clear and upfront with where they fit on that spectrum. Like, I'm not trying to bust you down, but if you didn't know your roof wasn't flat and level then you either/and/or didn't even do much research yourself because pretty much everybody makes that mistake once, haven't actually done much work on your rig, don't have experience working on other campers etc. Which really is fine, most of us like to follow neophytes or at best PEERS on their journey. But I don't think many people like noobs or peers who pretend to be know it alls and experts. I know you never claimed to be an expert here. But all the cues, all the formatting, and especially the lack of an explicit "I don't really know what I'm doing" lend it that air. It'd be easy enough to make that clear rather than plugging 1st timer hack jobs into a how-to format.

    Everybody and their brother wants to "live the dream" in a van, sailboat, camper, motorcycle, airplane, or just backpack while funding it or just bragging about it on social media. Which puts you in direct competition with a million other noobs, and a million actually experienced grey beards. Look at the successes, there are noobs, there are veterans, and there are veterans who started out documenting their first steps. You don't have to put on authoritative airs to be successful.

    OR, feel free to ignore me, I'm certainly not an expert on social media and it's entirely possible you will have more "success" by branding yourself as an expert for people with even less experience.

  2. No sane person should commit to Renogy products! A- rating on BBB and 1.13 out of 5 customer review rating on BBB. Their after sales service/communication (or even before order delivery communication) etiquette and systems absolutely suck. I am immensely sorry that I bought a product from them without doing proper company research. The product may be good, who knows, but the company behind the product should lose it's business license.

  3. Awesome! We're thinking about getting some of the portable solar panels for our SUV camper. Looking forward to your next video to see how they tilt!

  4. Great job! Always scary putting holes in your roof, intentional or not 😳! Thank you for taking the time to put this together, hope it will come in handy in the future 😉. P.S. waved in your direction from Orcas Island this week! 🤗

  5. nice video, next time just do 10 foot unistrut with standoffs to counter the arch of roof and attach panels to that, then can ditch old panels or take them off when you sell if price seems too high for someone. Adds some more weight but well worth it for ALOT less screws to have to worry about the already fragile roof membranes.

  6. good stuff!!! very nice instructional video… we totally want solar for our 5th wheel and will get it eventually.. lol God bless!

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