Installing Solar Wire and Solar Panels for the Shed

Its time to install the solar wire and solar panels for the off grid tool shed. In this video I take the two 10 awg wire and run it from the solar panels to the shed. I am using conduit because I dont want to hit the wire with the weed-eater by mistake. I also make a simple sled for the panels to rest on. This is very temporary and will be replaced with a much better stand soon.

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  1. You might want to look into putting another support mounted under the middle vertically where the two panels come together when you make a more permanent setup as it looked like there was a lot of flex when you were trying to move them around.

  2. Love the videos and smart call to put wire connections inside a box, so that you can service it later when it develops a problem (and it will, they all do lol). Looking forward to the next one.

  3. As an electrician, I would like to give you a tip. When you layout the wire/cable. Unroll it rather than unravel it. This is so you won’t have the wire/cable looking like a spring that has been stretched. When it’s laying flat, by unrolling it, it would easier to deal with when you shove it into a pipe.

  4. If you don't want to cement the PVC fittings (for future reuse): consider using Mastic tape, its self-adhesive stretchy waterproof tape used in the telecom industry to weather seal exposed antenna connectors. Its awesome stuff.

  5. It's coming right along. Want to do something similar with my panels. I just have them propped against the back of my house and the panels only get a half day of sun mostly, but they get a lot of morning and mid day, but the evenings they get it indirectly. I think the highest I have ever seen out of my 2 100w cheap panels is 180w tied in series as well with a Renogy MPPT controller with Bluetooth dongle. I could move them a bit to get more sun, but then my garden would have solar panels in the middle of it and my garden gets pretty mangled looking already.

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