Keystone RV Makes RV Solar Power a Simple Reality for Everyone. See How.

This fall Keystone will be adding solar power packages to every floor plan for all fifth-wheels and travel trailers making it easy to transition to more sustainable camping. SolarFlex™ lets you Camp Better whether you’re going out for the weekend or boondocking off-the-grid.

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About Keystone: The #1 manufacturer of fifth wheel camping trailers and the third largest manufacturer of pull behind camping trailers, Keystone RV Company’s most recognizable brands include Cougar, Montana, Sprinter, Outback, Passport, Bullet, Springdale, Alpine, Laredo, Hideout, Raptor and Fuzion. With headquarters in Goshen, Indiana, and manufacturing locations in Northern Indiana and Pendleton, Oregon, Keystone RV Company employees over 5000 manufacturing, sales, and support personnel in 40 plants encompassing more than 3.2 million square feet.


  1. I bought a 2022 Cougar 355FBS, and the dealership didn't show me anything on how to operate the solar.

  2. I’d like to know how you justify your pricing on the upgraded packages. The way you’ve priced them I can buy every component at full retail, pay an installer to install it all and still come out thousands of dollars ahead.

  3. I bought a 219BH Passport and it is solar ready with the 200W. I bought an 115W ZAMP expansion panel and the parallel splitters, all good! but then when I was going to install an inverter…

    So, I removed the "future inverter location" box and a 20AMP yellow Romex wire appeared, no ends, is a loop so it comes out of the wall and goes back inside the wall. I don't see any other wires (to the battery) but the converter is next to it so perhaps I may wire it directly to the LOAD connectors in the converter which bypasses to the battery. My guess is that it goes to the main panel because is a 20AMP, but it seems to be tied on both ends, like feeding between outlets, which is unlikely.

    How do I find pictures or instructions on how to deal with the ROMEX loop? I was expecting a terminal or end of the cable and two cables to the battery disconnect manifold. The owners manual reads that is "pre-wired for seven outlets" but I pull and both ends seem to be connected unless it is snagged and I am too afraid to pull hard.

    My thing is that taking the wood paneling off to check ruins the fun or benefit of the "pre-wired" feature and it may be a mess. So, I need to know what to do with that Romex protruding out of that hole like an intestine. I did chat with Keystone when the chat popped up while I was going through the online menu, but the girl in the chat had no idea and when I asked for a diagram, like the blue prints of a house, she said they don't send those to customers! Not even the roof plan to see where the joists would be for the solar panel brackets. Is just an electric diagram, not a company secret because anyone can buy an RV and reverse engineer it. Besides, all I need is to know where does it go or comes from, is there a fuse, and what is the purpose of that Romex.

    I could test the wire but would have to cut the insulation. I can email pictures but I don't know how to upload them here.

  4. Campsite possibilities will be extremely limited if the rv is equipped with a residential or 12v compressor refrigerator. The day the gas/electric refrigerators are phased out I’ll be done

  5. My front end of my 2006 24' aluminum' toy hobbi is rotting out, could I get an engineer to look at it to upgrade the front end to be a solar power source!!

  6. We just bought a 2021 couger it didnt come with solor. It is pre wired. Was it supposed to have solar?

  7. Can we get one of these systems on an older model 5th wheel? We are looking at adding solar.

  8. We just bought a 2021 Passport 268BH which came with factory solar. I assume this is for the 12v only fridge?

    Saddened that the inverter only works on a few outlets and there is no Bluetooth for the charger.

    Annoyed the dealer told me all outlets were powered by the inverter and that they gave us the cheapest wet battery ever!

  9. I recommend educating your dealers about how to get this system. I purchased a 2021 Montana 3791rd in June and Camping World has no idea how I can get it installed. Nor do they know anything about the supposed Jaboni solar prep already installed. I emailed Keystone directly how to get it and was told (weeks later) that I had to ask the dealer.

  10. If I can run the AC off solar as a backup that's incredible. And keep a 12v refrigerator and water pumps working off battery power? It sounds like a step up from the 100-200 watt systems on most RVs. I'm looking at the Passport models. Hard to believe that you can deliver, but it sounds like you can. You'll definitely be hearing from me. I want to be able to boondock. My priority is to stay cool, keep the food cold, and stay clean (water pumps…).

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