Lorde – Fallen Fruit

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Directed by: Joel Kefali and Ella Yelich-O’Connor
Producer: Andrew McLean
Production Company: Good Oil
Director of Photography: Andrew Stroud
Production Designer: Guy Treadgold
Editor: Theo Mercado @ Work Editorial
Colourist: David Gibson
Post: Blockhead VFX

Lorde – Fallen Fruit (Lyrics)
To the ones who came before us—
All the golden ones who were lifted on a wing
We had no idea the dreams we had were far too big
Far too big

And we will walk together
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
Through the halls of splendour where the apple trees all grew
You’ll leave us dancing on the fallen fruit

From the Nissan to the Phantom to the plane
We’ll disappear in the cover of the rain
Took the great minds and the vapers
And a pocketful of seed
It’s time for us to leave

And we will walk together
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
But how can I love what I know I am gonna lose?
Don’t make me choose


  1. Dear person who may be reading this




    You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have a amazing rest of your day

  2. Once you understand what this song is about (destruction of the planet through pollution), it becomes chilling. Lorde really did not get enough credit for this album. But that's okay. Sometimes great things are only appreciated by the few.

  3. i love listening to this song while i'm stoned, it's a different experience, you can feel the song

  4. possibly describing the fork in the road of the spiritual seeker. beginning of video shows fishermen, people praying, fruit turning to water, she chooses to go with ?

  5. She is so right they must know they have killed so many of in war that keeps going its a war and for some reason I'm one of them I'm a target!

  6. One of the artist who's not only a decoration in music industry but also an endeavor of climate change and nature related issues. You deserve all the love and appreciation Lorde!!!

  7. Now, they arrest scientists who warned us about the catastrophic effects of climate change. We only have 3-5 years to change and reverse it. It is ironic how they arrest the educated trying to educate the people. #LetTheEarthBreathe

  8. Let Us Spread Awareness!!

    NASA scientists are now getting arr#$TEd and getting desperate. We need to save the earth now!!! According to them, we only have 4-5 years. LET THE EARTH BREATH.

    Climate scientists and activists take huge risks every day, as so many powerful entities are prepared to do anything to keep the public from knowing the truth about climate change. and last week, a number of climate scientists were arrested for staging a protest of big banks, including Dr. Peter Kalmus, a NASA scientist.

    “i am here because scientists are not being listened to. i am willing to take a risk for this gorgeous planet, and for my sons. and we've been trying to warn you guys for so many decades that we're heading towards a fcking catastrophe, and we've been being ignored. the scientists of the world are being ignored, and it's got to stop. we're gonna lose everything, and we're not joking. we're not lying. we're not exaggerating. this is so bad, everyone, that we're willing to take this risk, this is for all of the kids of the world, all the young people, all the future people … this is so much bigger than any of us. it's time for all of us to stand up and take risks and make sacrifices for this beautiful planet that gives us life.”

    Enough of the unimportant "teas" and listen to these people. Some of you may think this is not a serious matter, but it is. They have been warning us but we, as well as the Government, have just disregarded them. We must act NOW. SPREAD AWARENESS

    #LetTheEarthBreath #Scientistprotest #ProtectMotherEarth #ScientistRebellion
    #SpreadAwarness #SpeakUpAndSpeakOut

  9. This song is amazing, unfortunately it is ruined by some loud ringing sound that sounds like a construction vehicle backing up. please remove this terrible sound and perfect the song. PLEASE

  10. Just noticed how the sound that sounds like A alarm going off is because we’re reaching the the danger zone and we have to do something now beofre it’s too late

  11. I love this video. I've watched it high twice now and both times it hit the same: she's walking through a dystopia and utopia, and in both versions she's singing the same song & she's the exact same, but the worlds around her are opposite. I read it as her current life and a past life, and both times I thought that the world in darkness where everything's on fire is maybe medieval, in the past: it's hard to say which reality is which until she gets in the car, and then it's suddenly clear that the nebulous line between which is past and which is future becomes decided: the message is "this is the bad timeline, actually: THIS is the bad place" (lol @ the Good Place reference in my head). Then the lyrics echo that very clearly along with the cuts: "to the Nissan, to the phantom, to the plane" etc, comparing seemingly impossible modern inventions to the 'phantom,' a mythical story of a creature which defies natural law. She's then carried off by that myth in the car, 'the Nissan' – and that's where her two lives separate, and she gives the driver of the car a meaningful look, like she's aware of her other self being left behind, and is aware of the archetypal significance.

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