triple j’s Abby Butler listens to Lorde’s album ‘Solar Power’ for the first time on REPLAY.
00:00 INTRO
00:29 The Path
02:26 Solar Power
04:02 California
06:17 Stoned at the Nail Salon
08:23 Fallen Fruit
09:53 Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)
12:20 The Man with the Axe
14:26 Dominoes
15:49 Big Star
17:11 Leader of a New Regime
18:17 Mood Ring
21:17 Oceanic Feeling



  1. Her sales dropped to the floor, glad she saw it, this is the second worse album of her career, we don’t need lorde to sing like colbie caillat, we want dark lorde with team, royals, yellow flicker beat… she has lost the taste of music 🎵

  2. "Prettier Jesus" is, I think, purely aesthetics. Compare her to a stereotyped image of Jesus with the long straight brown hair. They look similar, but she's "prettier" 🙂

  3. Thank you Abby for this incredible reaction to the Solar Power Album! If no one has said it yet, she does have a lot of references to religion and judeo-christianism etc, but i believe her references like 'prettier jesus' and others throughout- is because she is LORDE. Like literally, her stage name.

  4. I think what she means in Secrets From a Girl Who's Seen It All is that she has seen what happened to her, she's talking to her past self.

  5. Thank you for such an amazing review. It's really sad to see so many people disappointed with the album. I loved it so much, especially because I'm a teen who is so scared of what my life will be like in the next years. This album is comforting me as it says, "Hey, everything will be alright. You will get through this."

  6. There are two extra songs on the album Helen of Troy and hold no grudge, I like them both.
    My favs are mood ring, fallen fruit, big star and hold no grudge.

  7. The prettier Jesus lyric kinda seems like a reference to the beetles kinda like she’s calling herself a modern beetles. Which I agree.

  8. your reaction is all on point. i love the way you appreciate all the little details she's trying to achieve this era<3

  9. She needs to stop making music with this guy and just work with some other people like the guy that produce Pure Heroine, now that's a producer

  10. it’s so underwhelming honestly, if you’re an avid fan you can’t say you’re not disappointed. i’m hoping it grows on me but an albums first impression should never be bad and lorde nailed it on being bad but that’s just my opinion

  11. Damn this album was just what I needed and it’s a grower. I’ve listened to it three times already and the first two times I didn’t like it that much. But then listening to it while dancing over the kitchen while baking I just felt the energy and feel she was going for. It’s such a sophisticated magical album that is truely beautiful. Holding all the best in the hottest 100 for these songs.

  12. When Solar Power first came out, I was underwhelmed. I expected Melodrama II, so listening to that hyped up beachy tune made my expectations lower a bit. But once again my girl Ella comes out with a whole psychedelic concept album about growing old, changing, existential crises, and overconsumption. There is nothing this woman CAN'T DO.

  13. Possibly the first review out there on youtube so good job! Yeah not a bad album. Doesn't really grab me. Strikes me as one of those Sunday morning post hangover kind of albums. Yup she's talented. Yup she's unconventional. We Kiwis are kind of known for being insular and unconventional. When you live in a place where anyone else is literally thousands of miles away, what the rest of the world thinks of you really means nothing. You make your own rules. She does her own thing and lives by her own rules. I respect that, it's a very 'Kiwi' approach.

  14. I need to say one thing, solar power should not be compared to her previous albums. There’s literally no point in making a similar album to previous works and not show any sort of growth and development in your life/music. I’m glad Lorde did what she wanted to with this album, instead of giving into commercial aspects. This album is absolutely brilliant yet strikingly warm, I’m super proud of her versatility and love for her art ❤️

  15. Her best album vocally. U haters are just unhappy, maybe in a relationship that inneed of divorce maybe. She now moved on, you need too. Also it cost 0 dollar to shut the fuck up…

  16. This album is so good. It’s different for sure but it’s been 4 years since melodrama, Lorde is allowed to experiment and try different things. If it wasn’t your taste, that’s absolutely fine but the fact people are saying this album is awful is just ridiculous. It definitely lives up to the name Solar Power, it feels very summery. Sounds exactly like something you’d listen too while chilling on a quiet beach or on a long road trip in the summer. Beautiful, simple but intricate production and of course, great lyrics.

  17. In Solar Power, I feel like I'm alone in the beach, with the birds, ocean, and the sun. It's so simple and peaceful. I just love it, summer vibesss. Sending love from Indonesia to anyone who reads my comment <3 🇮🇩

  18. There isn't anything musical. You got the atmosphere engineered, the melody is just speech without tonality, no definable rhythm, no poetry to the lyrics, absolutely nothing.

  19. the album is really good. there’s just a lot who don’t like it because i think they compare it to her previous work. but if this was her debut album, it’s gonna get so much attention and people won’t think of it as a flop.

  20. Hi Abby – Thank you to you and Triple J for taking the time and effort to share this with us. As an old fart, I'm for the first time, getting to take my "first listens" with other folk. -Back in the day, hearing an album for the first time was usually a very solitary thing. Love that you guys do what you do, so thank you!

  21. As a '60's baby from the UK. I sat, with my headphones on, in the dark, already open to what was coming next.

    Solar Power hinted at it, Stoned at The Nail Salon nibbled at it, and Mood Ring winked at it.

    With each, and EVERY song, Ella confirmed it for me. This album, in all it's nooks and crannies, is a thank you. It's a love letter to every person who raised her, and quite literally, every musician who raised her Mum and Dad.

    The vast majority of her loyal fans are not my age. Their sonic emotional journey through life is not that of me, my contemporaries or her Mum and Dad. But, they're going to absolutely ADORE Ella for introducing them to the music that storied her childhood, that shaped her musical sensibilities, that made her feel safe.

    Thank you Ella, thank you Mr. O' Connor and thank you Ms. Yellich.

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