Lorde – Solar Power Album | Reaction|

This is my reaction to Solar Power by Lorde
Let’s just say it took me two rounds to get through this project…

Solar power – Lorde Album Tracklist
1. The Path
2. Solar Power
3. California
4. Stoned At The Nail Salon
5. Fallen Fruit
6. Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
7. The Man With The Axe
8. Dominoes
9. Big Star
10. Leader Of A New Regime
11. Mood Ring
12. Oceanic Feeling



  1. it kinda makes me sad no one likes big star.. its such a sad song and you can really tell where ppl stand with lorde (close fan or just a simple listener) when they listen to it

  2. Everyone has their own opinion, but I got frustrated during the listening of this reaction each time she said “finally the track is over”. I think this kid of approach is lacking of respect for the effort of a great singer. Who are you? You’re talking like you’re a discography producer while you’re just a music enjoyer and enthusiastic. I respect your opinion but not the way you exposed it, that wasn’t what I looked for while I searched for reactions. But this is my humble opinion too :*

  3. I didn't like the album at first, but it's def grown on me, it's def in my chill Playlist

  4. Off topic but back to your biased opinion on Madonna's Hard Candy album. You say that only cuz your production taste of Pharrell is subjective. Hes been around for years and made alot of hits for a ton of artists. If i was a artist, id work with all of em. Danja, Timbaland, Pharrell and the Neptunes and Justin Timberlake. Musical taste is subjective and people forget that this was 2008. The sounds are of that time and every producer has their niche. All the producers did their thing. Especially when they've been making hits for artists for what a decade? Your gonna hear a few things similar. EVERY artist goes through this. EVERY producer goes through this as well. Also, dont take the word of some Youtuber who hates Vanilla cake with nothing on it but when shes finished with it, she says how it was bland when you asked for a Vanilla cake. Shes very cherry picky and always will be. Pharrell is the OG. Still til this day. Its this dumb broads fault for listening to her discography out of order. This came out in 2008 and shidd i liked it. I remember when Madonna was on 106 & Park and she was really happy and she looked good too. The album cover was……different and showed her as a woman coming of age. It happens to all artists as they age. She dont wanna look like a old woman. Shes still a fun artist that wants to still have fun and make us dance and sing like a bird. If i was 50, id wanna do that too. Just gotta take care of your voice and body as you get older. Oh and cuz JT worked closely in his career with Timbaland and Pharrell and the Neptunes and even Danja, of course they're gonna sound like thowaway beats cuz Timbaland only worked with Aaliyah and JT. Even Timbaland. They are tight. JT prolly wouldnt sound the same with Timbaland or Pharrell. He has his distinctive sound and so does those producers but when you make beats for people for like 20 30 sum years, its hard to sound different in a world where everyone is tryna sound different. Again, Hard Candy came out in 2008. 2008 Ajay. We liked long songs even before then so quit bitching. I dont want a album filled with just 2 minute songs. I want a 8 minute song that tells a long story like a movie or a cutscene from a video game and things switch up and give you a different vibe. The Weeknd does this and we all like him but you hating this album cuz of repetitive production and your hating on Pharrell cuz you cant get over your period from Ariana Grandes album Sweetner and his production choices on the album and now you deemed him the worst producer but sold alot of hit and even his few albums have went well. Maybe you need to sit down and listen to Pharrells album and have a fresh mind and not compare for a damn change. Which is also what you do alot in your vids. Comparing artists and thinking of songs youve heard before. Really? Oh man. Anyway broaden your horizons and stop having high expectations for these artists.

  5. Some of the songs I could barely get through. It just wasn’t good. And that’s fine, but I didn’t like it.

  6. i simply CANNOT understand how can anybody who's a fan of her previous work can hate this album. when i first listened to the title song i felt like my soul was about to come out of my unholy body. when the album came out i sat down with the lyrics in my hands ready to feel everything she wanted to show us with my heart wide open and it was a great experience.
    of course it's not my favorite album (melodrama is an over-powered competitor) but it's definitely an amazing piece of work. lorde herself said that it wasn't made for the pop charts, she knew it would be appreciated mainly by musicians and maybe by some people who are mad enough to at least connect to what she's talking about.
    the music is great, the vibe is heavenly, her voice sounds gorgeous, she clearly evolved so much through the years and the production is very good to (heads up to jack antonoff who never fails to make me feel a lot of things). it's introspective. it's ethereal, psychedelic and has this magical undertone to it. this whole era it's absolutely beautiful and crazy genious. all the praise.

  7. You know what? I'm a huge Solar Power stan (There are literally dozens of us!) but I love the way you're so honest about your feelings. Subscribed.

  8. this album is a grower.. when i just was looking for a happy feeling song with not much noise and just a subtle and yet interesting sound, this album is surprisingly astounding.. I was like let we not compare this album with her past work or with any other work she had done and just see her vision with this individual piece of work.. And BAM i feel like I found the ambience music for my mood during a specific moment.. and surprisingly enough the lyrical xontent are all positive and humble.. it doesnt feel very obnoxious and just her expression of a this specific era of her life.. which I could greatly relate with.. if you think of the sun and just enjoying the brightness of day this song is just right to keep you in a positive mood..

  9. There are 4-5 songs I like.
    But I think my issue with this album, is I might get into the song, but then it just feels like it goes on for too long.

  10. Solar Power showed Lorde's most raw vocals. It's calming, joyful but also saddening and made me realize the realities in life.

    i understand that it's not for everyone, Lorde obviously ain't want to make a Melodrama 2.0 because she wanted a new phase in life and that's fine it's Lorde being Lorde.

    this will surely gets old like fine wine. and probably a lot us will appreciate it more.

  11. this reaction made me listen to Solar Power, and it's an amazing album, the story and the universe shows a depressed ex-teen queen transforming into a successful and mentally healthy woman. Big Star and Oceanic Feeling are the best and the story behind them is even better.

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