Lorde – Solar Power | Album Review

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Lorde dropped the crown…HARD. Welcome to my review of the New Zealand alternative/pop artist Lorde, and her 3rd album “Solar Power”. After giving perfect scores to both her 2013 debut album “Pure Heroine” AND it’s 2017 follow-up “Melodrama”, I find myself baffled at the complete lack of feeling on this dull island castaway.

“Solar Power”
Republic/Lava Records
Release: 8/20/21
Rating: 2/5

►Favorite tracks: Fallen Fruit, The Path, Stoned at the Nail Salon

►Least faves: Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All), Leader of a New Regime, Dominoes, Solar Power, California, The Man with the Axe

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Lorde – Solar Power – Album Tracklist

01. The Path
02. Solar Power
03. California
04. Stoned At The Nail Salon
05. Fallen Fruit
06. Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
07. The Man With The Axe
08. Dominoes
09. Big Star
10. Leader Of A New Regime
11. Mood Ring
12. Oceanic Feeling


13. Helen of Troy
14. Hold No Grudge


  1. this album isn't bad per se. the tea is a lot of people aren't at the other side of the bridge yet. Like she sings about forgetting all the tears bc it's "over". It's not. I'm fucked up and I know people who are struggling to make ends meet on a whole different level than myself hey at least food ain't been a problem. All this to say, it's definitely an album hard to relate to if you ain't at the other side of the bridge like her.

  2. For such a talented singer, she has lost her way of music, it’s just boring all the way …. We want songs like glory and gore, royals, team, yellow flicker beat master pieces! it’s just sad she is trying to be all smiles .. we want dark LORDE

  3. I've listened to this album on repeat. And I'm struggling to remember what Fallen Fruit or any other non-singles sound like. That's says a lot.

  4. Honestly, i was disappointed on first listen with the album. Now 12 days later, i like it so much more. I think it’s a really slow grower over time. The same thing happened to me with Melodrama and with Lana’s NFR and Chemtrails. The more i listened, the more i liked them. Maybe we were expecting Melodrama part 2 but maybe next album we will be expecting for Solar Power part 2. Who knows

  5. Melodrama was good, Pure Heroin was amazing but Solar Power- no offense, but i actually don't like a single track, i'm actually surprised that Halsey's new album has more decent/listenable tracks

  6. There's something with Lorde's album. Melodrama was not appreciated when it was released and now it's highly appreciated and I think the cycle will happen again to Solar Power. so see you again when she comes back with the next one

  7. Literally yes. Melodrama is one of my favorite albums of all time by any artist but solar power was so disappointing. It’s not even that it’s cause she changed her sound or the way she writes lyrics, but it just felt like she was saying in her head “I might as well make this”. While the songs might mean something to her, it’s hard for me to admit that it’s art because it doesn’t seem intentional unless she was intentionally not trying even a little bit. All the songs seem to sound too similar, like it’s all just one long song. Fallen fruit and stoned at the nail salon are some of the songs that feel like proof that if she just put in a little more effort on the rest of the album, it would have been great. Ugh. It makes me feel sleepy and not in a good way. So disappointing.

  8. I like it :3
    I understand the disappointment and I know that it needs more lyrical precision, but ngl I really enjoy to hear the harmonies, the instrumentals, her voice, some particular lines… I realised Lorde is one of the few artists that leads me to imagine things while I listen to them: experiences I've probably never had, paintings, memories…
    This album for example took me back to those holidays with friends/family in the woods or the lake. Places where I could be so unworried for a moment but also where I stopped and could see how grateful I should be for having the chance to enjoy the land where I stand in, the people around me, the vitality I lose as the years go by.

    I know it's sounds kinda white sorry lmao. But the way she makes music is so intense for me. I still have faith she will keep on getting better and better.

  9. I listen to Pure Heroine and hear my teenage years. I listen to Melodrama and hear the peaks and lows of love and life. I listen to Solar Power and hear Lorde telling us about being famous and privileged.
    It slightly seems like she’s lost touch with reality

  10. I'm not a massive Lorde fan, but at least I had an opinion on her earlier material. Hearing this, I wondered if I had lost the ability to feel emotion.

  11. I agree, fallen fruit and stoned are the best, I listen the album a week ago and I just forgot almost all the album except 2-3 tracks

  12. It's definitely an album to play in the background while you do something else. Which does not usually make for a great album, just a decent vibe.

    Also, the lyrics feel like they didn't even get a second draft. Although I actually enjoyed her fresh vocal tones.

  13. I didn’t like this album on my initial listen, at all. I thought it was missing a lot of what made her lorde. The more I listened to this album, in the car, while doing chores, etc., I found myself falling in love with every single song the more and more I listened. Absolutely love this album. It’s so airy, light, and reflective. I imagine this album is the feeling you get when you look into your reflection in a pond on a warm summer day. Ugh. Love you Ella 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I remember hearing Royals on the indie radio station in New Zealand back in 2000 whatever it was. It stopped everyone on the work site in there tracks. To me everything since then has been a let down. She will always be loved and supported in New Zealand though. Does she get much airplay in the US???

  15. Totally agree with this review. The album is disappointing on all levels. I think it's time for her to stop working with Jack Antonoff. His music is just bland.

  16. I'm in the minority that love this album. Definitely gets better and deeper on every play. 4.5/5 easily. Don't get the negative critical reviews across the board but respect the opinions as always. Great video ARTV

  17. Cute album. Great job but… still waiting for the big WOW effect!
    I'm so desapointed but I still hope she will come back with an amazing album at one point. Knowing me, it's not an album that I will listen over and over… sorry…

  18. I don't mind this album, but it's a definite step down from the first two overall. For me, alarm bells rang about 3 years ago when she said she was going to write some songs on the piano. Problem is, she couldn't play a note at that point. Maybe that's why some of the songs have much simpler structures. Lorde works best at creating stories with her lyrics and ìs also great at creating outrageous hooks. She needs the collaboration of a producer to flesh out the melodies and the instrumentation. For Solar Power, I reckon she wanted more control and the project faulted as a result, because she's not a musician. Also, her high pitched vocal she uses a lot here seems forced and unnatural, almost grating at times. Hopefully next time she returns to the formula that has served her well. But this is not a disaster. For me, Oceanic Feeling might be the best thing she's ever done.

  19. As a Lorde stan since 2013, I agree with you mostly. It really is a disappointment for a highly anticipated album. Despite of some highlights, one can easily get the feeling they’re listening to the same song over and over for 30 minutes straight. The second half of the album is almost unbearable, luckily there’s Mood Ring to lift up the flow again. And I feel the album doesn’t follow the upbeat/happy vibe brought and promised by the lead single, which also is super frustrating. And the lyrics? I’m not even going to pretend I understood and got the vibe, because it feels like a monologue and sometimes it’s just too much, she is not speaking to her public anymore, she’s projecting and speaking to herself here. In exception of songs like solar power, stoned at the nail salon and mood ring, it’s going to take another four years for Pure Heroine and Melodrama to get the decent successor they deserve.

  20. When you said California sounded like a rejected Lana Del Rey bside I lost it lmao. As a Lorde stan I am really trying to love this album but it definitely feels less authentic than her other works.

  21. If Lorde wanted to make an 'acoustic', quieter album than her first two, why not use more piano-driven instrumentation (with some violin in the background) rather than chose Antonoff's overused guitar pattern? I honestly think that her voice does not really match with an acoustic guitar. Great review John.

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