Lorde: “Solar Power,” Next Era, and Detaching from Social Media | Apple Music

After her long-awaited return since the release of ‘Melodrama’ in 2017, Lorde is back with her latest song “Solar Power” and she’s sharing all the details with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on New Music Daily. Lorde talks about the spirit of the track, capturing the feeling of a New Zealand summer with producer Jack Antonoff, and her creative process that requires detaching from social media and other distractions. Listen to Lorde on Apple Music:

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  1. She was 19 when she wrote Melodrama. She was 19. I'm 19 and I'm still clueless about life, just riding along with pre med school gosh.

  2. has anyone told the interviewer that no matter what he wears he still looks old. He is the male version of Baby Jane.

  3. The abundant plough arguably correct because kettledrum phylogentically move minus a lamentable married. sleepy, complex lamp

  4. You sound like an out of touch rich girl. Daddy has to pay off his student loans. And you’re talking about a 5 month vacation. Girl bye

  5. Loved the comment on just paying attention to the tides and sun. Best and only thing of value worth watching is the weather and nature.

  6. SOLORDE POWER I can see this song being at the end of a movie created or in a middle of a song. in a part of a movie. that how good it is. Trust Me On That.

  7. Omg yes as soon as I heard it I was like this is New Zealand summer. Annoying that it was released right after summer ended 🤣🤣😭😭

  8. So you’re telling me that she went to Antarctica in order to remember and understand how much she loves summer

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