Lorde returns with her third studio album SOLAR POWER. Despite a stylistic departure from MELODRAMA and PURE HEROINE, the album showcases a maturity in subject matter and poise that I found really appealing. Not every track connects on first listen, but there are plenty of stunning moments here, and while it might not be as vital a record as her previous work, I found this the most relatable of her albums, because I am OLD(er).

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Favourite Tracks:
Stoned At The Nail Salon
Fallen Fruit
The Man With The Axe

First Listen Score (not final): 7

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  1. I actually dont get why people hate this album tho. It's less seasoning than her previous albums but sometimes less is more. I liked this album a lot. My fav after Adele's 30.

  2. I have heard the singles Solar Power & Mood Ring. Mood Ring def is my fave record this YEAR!!!!

  3. This album takes several listens to get into. I had a similar experience with Lorde's earlier music. Initially, I thought there were a few good tracks, but the rest were a bit ho-hum. However, after more listening, I think every track is excellent. Conclusion: a classic album which will be played & remembered through the ages!

  4. The first time I listened to this album I actually disliked it. I didn't go past half of it, I just wasn't in the mood for it anymore, and I'm a fan of the previous albums. The last weekend was a holiday in my country, and I went with my family to a beach far from the city. I've been worried about my job, everything is changing and my position might disappear and.. I've just been worrying about the future. But lying there in the sun I suddenly felt relaxed despite everything, remembered the album and decided to give it a second chance.
    I absolutely loved it. I don't know if it was the environment, the context, or my mood, but it was like a whole new album and mood ring actually made me cry.

  5. Personally, I thought the lyricism didn't do enough to thematically reinforce the album. Still thought it was decent musically though.

  6. I hate how bad this album makes Jack look. Like, this is the man that gave us NFR, wtf is this?

  7. 0:26 he said Soundgarden vibes and she said "Born in the year of Oxycotin". Musicians in the grunge scene were heavily involved with opiates like heroine and oxycotin so I think the instrumentals were composed to set that grunge Vibe 😳

  8. Someone please tell me I’m not the only soul on earth (who has already listened to this album a few times) who skips a lot of songs yet. I can’t how so many sound the same, like, there are songs you can’t really distinguish wtf ☠️

  9. Forgettable is actually a perfect word to use to describe his album. My friend used the same word when we discussed how we felt about it. Don't get me wrong, I actually like this album, but compared to her last few works and in a trench of "stripped back, acoustic/folk sound", it is very forgettable. However, it does make me happy she's doing what she loves and is happy in her life. That's all the really matters.

  10. I absolutely adore this review!!! You have a lovely, chill vibe about you – you've definitely gained a fan through your warm aura lol!

    Solar Power, in my very unpopular opinion, is actually my favourite work of hers. Throughout her albums, her growth – both literally and figuratively – is represented, with PH filled with teen angst, Melodrama representing a sort of post coming of age with darker tones throughout, and Solar Power demonstrating the reflective, calmness one may feel in their early 20s – especially in a place like New Zealand!

    The reflective nature of her newest album, accompanied by the soft, airy vocals has created something so calm and endearing – which is further enhanced through the considerate lyrics and beautiful connection to the land and environment. I'm personally beyond thankful that she has created something that differs from her previous work, as there is now more range in her music. I love her exploration into this new sound, and feel she has executed it perfectly. Not to mention the beautiful cohesiveness of the album itself! Honestly, a lot of the songs work perfectly together, and I find it hard to enjoy them separately without the context of the whole album – which is especially true for SATNS!

  11. Loving this album. It’s cool if someone isn’t feeling it.. but please give it another chance sometime.

  12. I feel like Secrets From A Girl just stands out so much, as it’s my personal favorite track.

  13. I definitely liked Melodrama more than this album. Solar Powers concepts and instrumentals aren’t as interesting to me; I wasn’t even able to distinguish many of the songs from each other. Don’t feel really compelled to come back to this project, unfortunately.

  14. A lot of songs remind me of the early 90-2000’s folk music. Almost reminiscent of Anna Nalic – Just Breathe throughout parts of the album. I liked it a lot more then i thought i would.

  15. Please don’t compare an artist projects. That doesn’t make sense to do when it isn’t a “part 2” to any of her projects. You should try to listen to these new albums with an empty mind because you will miss out on good music.

  16. Listen to the bonus tracks! "Helen of Troy" and "Held No Grudge" are some of the best tracks on the album but are only on the deluxe version. Amazing!!!

  17. This is a minimalistic album for sure!! Absolutely loved it. She's taking us through her journey, as usual. And this time, it's adulthood. One of the major things that makes adulthood bearable is reconnecting to your roots, and i think she's showing us this here. This entire album is a love letter to everyone important to her, as well as the colossal moments of her success, which i find to be quite beautiful. My favorite song is definitely Oceanic Feeling, so amazing!!! And i love the outro that kinds of give closure to this entire experience. "Oh, was enlightenment found?
    No, but I'm tryin', takin' it one year at a time". Can't wait for what she does next!

  18. I feel like this album is more mature than anything she's made before. I actually like the change of style.

  19. The male voice on Oceanic Feeling is Marlon Williams! Another Kiwi artist and is definitely worth a listen!!

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