Lorde – The Path (Official Audio)

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The Path (Lyrics)

Born in the year of OxyContin
Raised in the tall grass
Teen millionaire having nightmares from the camera flash
Now I’m alone on a windswept island
Caught in the complex divorce of the seasons
Won’t take the call if it’s the label or the radio

Arm in a cast at the museum gala
Fork in my purse to take home to my mother
Supermodels all dancing round a pharaoh’s tomb

Now if you’re looking for a saviour, well that’s not me
You need someone to take your pain for you? Well, that’s not me
‘Cause we are all broken and sad, where are the dreams that we had, can’t find the dreams that we had
Let’s hope the sun will show us the path

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  1. Pure Heroine made me an instant fan. Melodrama made me fall inlove with her even more.Years later, I'm still here. Won't go anywhere. This album is worth every second of the wait.

  2. "If you're looking for a saviour, it's not me."
    But later she says "I'm kinda like a pretty jesus." A savior character.
    Hmm…. 🤔

  3. I love how the opening to this song sounds like Old School Runescape : Newbie Melody
    Not sure if anyone else picked that up, but I cant unhear it

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