Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van – Solar Panels

In this video, I am installing a total of 480Watts of Solar Panels to our Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van. Download a free parts list here –
These Solar Panels are 160watt each 36cell Photonic Universe Monocrystalline Panels and you can get them from this link –

We have an 40A EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller –

In the living area we have a MT50 LCD Remote Controller –

Solar Panel 4mm PV cable –
and solar cable weatherproof MC4 male and female connectors –
You can get proper MC4 tools for making the connectors here –
The slotted Unistrut mounting rail –

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  1. If you would like to buy these panels or any other equipment shown in this video I have put links in the video description to the solar panels that I'm using as well as the brackets and the solar cable and charge controller too. They are extremely good value for this duty and UK based company in Kent.

  2. I know this is a bit late (daa about 2 years!!) but anyway I question abs 1 comment,
    Comment as a user of unistrut I would always recommend using galvanising spray on all cuts, drilled holes etc but you probably know that,
    Question what is the difference between sikaflex and normal silicon sealer?
    Safe travels

  3. We've used a similar method to mount our solar panels. However I'm concerned the height would not be sufficient if we ever need to remove the panels from the brackets. Are you able to still remove you solar panels from the brackets without needing to get to the bolts from underneath?

  4. Hi Greg great video m8 i copying you for my solar installation just a quick question i have a 360w solar panelled is the dp switch in your video ok for this its going to a ring mppt controller 30 amp cheers

  5. 👍 Danke fürs Hochladen!
    👍 Thanks for uploading!
    👍 Very good and beautiful, thank you!
    👍 Sehr gut und schön, danke!

  6. Hi Greg, great saying hello at the Overland Show on Saturday, wasn't it a scorcher, worth travelling from Newcastle to meet you guys. I ordered 3 x 3 metre lengths of unistrut but when it came it is super heavy. I ordered it through your link, just wondered if I had the right stuff. My husband thinks it is too heavy to put on the roof, you literally had to drag the package along the floor. I really wanted to use this method but I don't know what to do now. Anyway love your videos, I keep watching them over and over. Take care xx

  7. Greg. Great work and fantastic instructions. QUESTION. I want to charge 2 x e-bikes daily. They each have a 440Ah battery so need to take 880wa charge off the van system batteries. Any advice on beefing up the system for this demanding requirement

  8. Hi Greg hope you guys are well was just thinking could you use some 20mm metal box section instead of those strips?

  9. I’ve got a 180w solar and 110 ah battery and a split charge should I disconnect the split charge as I don’t want the starter battery chargers at all ?

  10. Hinging solar panels, thinking about it I have wondered about mc/camper rising roof hinges . Reimo used to have.a depot in the uk where they sold such things to members of the public.

  11. Great job, you’ve just help solve my solar panel and decking dilemma 🙌 Did you use pre galvanised or hot dipped uni strut? Cheers! 👍

  12. Greg get the aluminium strips folded along the length to add strength to them ,what size fuses on solar to battery

  13. An easier solution for your soldering station, is buying a 18V Ryobi soldering tool ( I noticed you have some Ryobi tools, so you have the batteries) it is worth every penny as you don’t need to be dragging cables behind you.

  14. Hi Greg, love your videos they have already answered so many questions and learnt so much from them, can I ask what made you chose to wire the solar setup in series rather than parallel, genuine question total novice here,would just like your opinion

  15. Thank you Greg, as always this video was super helpful! I was thinking about using the existing roof rack holes mercedes provide, and putting a rivnut in them for securing the unistrut. Do you think that sounds secure enough?

  16. Hey Greg wondering if the steel struts caused any issues (rust wise) after you have had them for some time now. Thanks

  17. Hi Greg, I am looking to install 400w (2 x 200w ) solar panels onto my sprinter but unsure what happens next, do I need a seperate DC to DC charger or does a solar charger do the same job? Would appreciate assitance in developing a wirking diagram for my van.

  18. Hello Greg thank you for yet another helpful video. If possible I would like to ask for your advice please. We have purchased 2,175w solar panels for our relay roof and we have also purchased the plastic mounting brackets however we are unsure if these will be good enough to hold the panels without bolts in the roof and what adhesive we should use. We have tried searching online and there are so many opinions any help would be great. Thank you

  19. Hi Greg, I hope you well. Would a 1689x996x35mm solar panel fit on a sprinter roof? I understand sprinters either Swb, mwb or even xlwb have the same roof dimensions. Many thanks

  20. Thank you Greg. I’m adding two more 100 watt panels to my roof, this video really helped. I hope you are well.🙏❤️

  21. I would of installed some type of plastic to insulate the aluminium from the steel as it will cause corrosion problems between these 2 types of metals.
    Commonly known as Galvanic corrosion and is easly fixed.

  22. Great video Greg, just something i noticed…..once you added the square plastic end bungs in the steel channel will they not fill up with rain water now as the sika underneath and the end bungs has stopped it from draining away?

  23. Hi, do you or your subscribers have any videos on how to connect the solar cables to the PV isolator switch. I bought the latter, one of your videos shows connections coming out the bottom of the switch box but nothing in via the top. Slightly confused as thought I just need to bring positive and negative cables in via the top and out via bottom. Think they get wired diagonally. Also assume when they come out through the bottom they go to a breaker then MPPT.

  24. Was wandering if you are close yet to having a solution for tilting your panels up yet? As always really great videos!

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