My DIY Solar Panel System Total Cost and Comparison to Quoted Install

I made a detail breakdown of my 9kW DIY solar panel system total cost, including all the hidden unexpected costs, and compare that to the quotes I received to have it installed by a professional solar company.
I used Unbound Solar, for the solar components and Ready Rack for the racking system. The suppliers mentioned are the ones I used based on my own research, I received no discounts on my components.

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01:32​ Solar Panel Kit Cost Detail
03:13​ Racking Materials Cost Detail
04:17​ Wiring Cost Detail
06:07​ Permits and Fees Cost Detail
06:33​ DIY VS Professional Cost Comparison 30% Rebate
08:07​ DIY VS Professional Cost Comparison 26% Rebate
08:30​ Final Summary

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10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable:
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EV Charging Cable:
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Wireless Lapel Mic:

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