My DIY Solar Panel System Total Cost and Comparison to Quoted Install

I made a detail breakdown of my 9kW DIY solar panel system total cost, including all the hidden unexpected costs, and compare that to the quotes I received to have it installed by a professional solar company.
I used Unbound Solar, for the solar components and Ready Rack for the racking system. The suppliers mentioned are the ones I used based on my own research, I received no discounts on my components.

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01:32​ Solar Panel Kit Cost Detail
03:13​ Racking Materials Cost Detail
04:17​ Wiring Cost Detail
06:07​ Permits and Fees Cost Detail
06:33​ DIY VS Professional Cost Comparison 30% Rebate
08:07​ DIY VS Professional Cost Comparison 26% Rebate
08:30​ Final Summary

Resource Links:
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10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable:
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Solar Panel Connector Assembly Tool:
EV Charging Cable:
ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric:
UV Resistant Black Zip Ties:
Panel & Inverter package:
Racking System:
Wireless Lapel Mic:

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  1. Everyone doing the soltec tracker ones now.. I hate it. I liked doing the racking and Perlins and fighting to make it square lmao tf

  2. well – how many days it took you to set it up, your time, risks and hassle must be rated too – what the cost of that ?

  3. That was a remarkable job Dave , well done. 1 other positive thing if I may add with your DIY installation you have also managed to reduce environmental footprint by having less people on-site. You have inspired me to copy your project but unfortunately we have a terrible weather here in the UK. You’re a truly a friend of Earth.

  4. Excellent work! It would be so awesome to have a followup in 10 years to see how it worked out. Congrats. Very impressive

  5. Excellent, clear, concise video. I didn't feel you had any agenda (like selling us on solar) but provided normal folks with some real costs and break even points for installing solar. I would really like to know how your ground mount system compares with this same system roof mounted. I would imagine the vast majority of residential systems are roof mounted.

  6. Great video! It is good to see the truth is the cost and years it takes to pay it off. In GA there is a Solar savings estimator that says I will pay $24k after incentives and only get a savings of $79/month and after and my estimated saving after 20 years would be -$5000.  Sounds like this is BS to me!

  7. That conduit alone costs more than four times as much right now where I live. I wonder if that's a COVID-19 effect on the market.

  8. First of all, thank you very much for all the info you're sharing. This is helping me a lot. I just went to the unboundsolar site and see their 9.36kwh system is now over 14K, that is a huge price increase within a few month (like anything else in the world I guess) I gonna wait and see if prices come back down to earth. Thanks again

  9. What would you recommend for a Two bedroom home solar setup and the amount of panels needed? I live in the marshall Islands and I would be off grid completely? I watched your other video where did a step by step on how to install a solar system. Very informative and easy to follow. Thanks man.

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