New 1600 Watt Solar Panel #1

New 1600 Watt Solar Panel #1:
Interested in how to make a solar panel at home? Check out this video! I have made more video’s on how to create a DIY solar panel and solar cell, so check out all my video’s. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Potverdikkie goed bezig zeg 🙂 waarom niet de hele koperen buis zelf er in in zijn geheel in duwen als mal?


  3. Hello. Well done with the design and calculations that support it, the fabrication and the quality of build – all to a very high standard. I have looked at the water based solar options for years and designed many systems suitable for a cold climate where I live. Now I have moved away from the thermal option to PV panels which have become so cheap (and becoming cheaper and more efficient). The PV option means you have electricity, which you can use for a lot of things including heating an emersion heater (for potable or thermal heat) as well as charging/powering electrical based items including batteries, cars, appliances etc. The PV system does not leak either. I understand there efficiency is only half of thermal panels so you will need to install more m2 of them – that's not normally a big issue.

  4. Que sea en español todos los bideo soy de nicaragua porfabor grasia por su conprencion

  5. Great work .Becuse auminum reflect 95% of sun radiation you have mede great water frizer .

  6. Nice project! I was wondering about how you prevent corrosion of the metals. Copper in direct contact with aluminium corrodes. Is the silicone layer enough to prevent that?

  7. You should consider checking out Tech Connections page.. he has a formula/method for creating a thermal paste for extremely cheap and it would conduct better than your silicon.

  8. Just a thought but when two different metals such as copper and aluminum are in direct contact it causes galvanic corrosion. You could use the thermal paste that goes between a cpu and its heatsink. If would increase your heat transfer and act as a dielectric preventing contact between the metalsm

  9. Would it not be better to use steel or stainless. With ALUMINIUM you have built a heat sink to remove the heat .

  10. Met een Ø10mm pijp (wanddikte 1mm) is je RE16236 (Reijnoldsgetal) dat is weliswaar ruim turbulent maar door de kleine diameter geeft het ook enorm veel weerstand wat weer verloren gaat aan energy van de pomp. Zou je Ø15mm (met wanddikte 1mm) hebben gekozen dan is de RE9991 wat nog steeds turbulent is maar de gemiddelde weerstand bij 480 liter per uur is ruim een factor 10 lager (bijna 1bar aan druk oftewel 10meter waterkolomhoogte) wat weer enorm scheelt aan de benodigde energie van de pomp die het water gaat verplaatsen. (ik ging ervan uit dat je Nederlands bent ) 😉 With a Ø10mm pipe (wall thickness 1mm) your RE16236 (Reijnolds number) is quite turbulent, but due to the small diameter it also gives a lot of resistance, which in turn is lost to energy from the pump. If you would have chosen Ø15mm (with wall thickness 1mm), the RE9991 is still turbulent, but the average resistance at 480 liters per hour is more than a factor of 10 lower (almost 1 bar of pressure or 10 meters of water column height), which in turn makes a huge difference in the required energy from the pump that will move the water.

  11. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. (John 1:1-3)

  12. With wattage mentioned in the title it lead me to think that you would be showing how to make a PV solar panel, instead of a solar water heater.

  13. great!
    i have a question, please: what about electrolysis created by assembly of copper and aluminum?

  14. Excellent work, you have done many well thought out technical details, the silicone for maximum transfer was a very good idea. Congratulations. You have my suscription and my like.

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