Off Grid Solar Battery! – So easy its *Almost* Cheating…

Today we are making the SUN work for US. Thanks to #EcoFlow for sponsoring this video! Visit to check out the EcoFlow DELTA Pro and EcoFlow DELTA Max. Electricity is important. And having emergency backup power is more important-er. We are installing an Off-Grid solar array with a battery backup in my barn.

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Rain Water Collection video:

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  1. A quick note about how this works: while at this point the brand is backed by investors, they’ve continued to use crowdfunding as a way of seeking out open-minded early-adopters of their portable power station technology. Products are already well into production, and EcoFlow plans to get shipments out this fall.

  2. I would imagine that fan in the battery pack is for the inverter. It probably doesn't do much, If anything for the batteries themselves.

  3. Extra add 1 Ecoflow delta pro and 2 Ecoflow pro Delta Pro Expansion Battery Kit

    Test it out on youtube video

  4. IIt is more efficient if the solar panel is made of magnifying glass.
    If you make it a bubble wrapper .
    It can produce strong heat.

  5. To much sun it take all power away, as amps is heat, so if to much sun you have 0 watts. Not work.

  6. By what you said so small watts it not recharge a car on full electrical load 8-10 hours to charge car. If you just recharge them a hour , you be stranded in road and got pay $200.00 for toe charge. Plus must be sine wave or they burn up.

  7. I just wanted to point out where is your safety equipment like safety glasses and safety boots and gloves? If you wanted to make an educational video you should try to put on ppe. Safety is always no 1 when it comes to these projects.

  8. I love watching this as nature works however in my country we are not supported by our govt. using it so if we are going to make DIY or buy ready-to-use solar yes it's too expensive but just fun watching the vlog of solar panels God bless!

  9. this is EXACTLY what I wanted to see. I can use this system off grid for my house! fantastic video thank you very much!!!

  10. Sorry, I cant justify spending $10,000 to charge an electric lawnmower when my overall electricity bill is only a out $1500/year

  11. Great video! I appreciate the attention to detail when you explain things. I am considering using the EcoFlow in my truck bed camper that I am building. This would be an even better setup if I could mount a solar panel on the roof to charge while we drive. What did you use for panels were they EcoFlow as well?

  12. It's funny, but I do not understand much of the technical stuff he is talking about but I like the fact that he does not dumb down his presentation and he does not talk down to his viewers. Very good work.

  13. I'm getting ready to Dyi 5 panels to my metal barn roof. Can you list everything that you used on the mounting of your panels to the roof. It looks easy and practical. Thank you.

  14. Nice to see this type of video, I went Solar 12 years ago, best thing my Wife and I ever did, besides get married of course 😉 47 years ago.
    It's funny to listen to friends complain when they get their power bills as we haven't had one in 12 years 🙂

  15. though you can plug these thing to your EV it will not charge it as you insinuated… you will get a few miles out of that car, that's it!

  16. Is anyone else here to look up what power storage/ offgrid he is installing because of the upcoming ww3?

  17. While this may look like a nice / easy alternate system, at $3599 per unit I think I will give it a miss

  18. For a lot less $$ (about 90% less?) you could buy 200 feet of bury-able 8 AWG cable and for a couple hundred $$ in parts connect to your house breaker box and have a real 120V AC, 30A service in the barn. All in less than a day, just sayin'.

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