Off Grid Solar Panels and Batteries for My Secret Yurt in the Forest | Showering Off Grid

Off Grid Solar Panels and Batteries for My Secret Yurt in the Forest | Showering Off Grid

Thanks to We Go Solar for helping with our Solar Panel and Off Grid Battery System

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  1. Surprise you have not got a hot water jacket insert to the woodstove with a small fireplace woodstove you could heat all the hot water you would ever need plus a hot tub 24 seven. That’s what we used to do in our house out in the woods.

  2. First time saw mushrooms like those! They r like flowers 😉🌸👍Can u trip on them? Or just tasty in omelettes?

  3. They click bait is to bring in new viewers, but alot of the long time subscribers find it disrespectful at this point. every video there is people complaining about the clickbait at this point. lets alone, when i was searching for a video of their new inflatable with the console and saw all the videos layed out at once. most of the videos include nicole topless facing away, bent over or posing.

  4. The Baghdad Battery or Parthian Battery is a set of three artifacts which were found together: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron.
    Corrosion of the metal and tests both indicate that an acidic agent such as wine or vinegar was present in the jar.[1] This led to speculation that the liquid was used as an acidic electrolyte solution to generate an electric current from the difference between the electrode potentials of the copper and iron electrodes.[

  5. I dont know if you'll see this but I work for a solar company and I install systems for living and if I could give you advice I would recommend building a bettery bank with lithium they last longer they have a lower drain rate which means you can use power where as lead acid has more maintenance doesn't last as long and they have diy systems you make from recycled batteries ans build your own solar wall bank a little at a time and you'll only need a few panels I would recommend the LG 365 panels they use inline inverter and you can put them on a sun tracker system.

  6. I find it kinda strange to install a new lead acid battery system as your main power system, while much better technology like LiFePO4 has become so affordable in the last 2-3 years, lead acid is such a hassle, so heavy and in most cases doesn´t last as long.

  7. Should get Nicole to wear gstrings for the thumbnail and in the actual video Jake
    You'll get more viewers
    You're definitely punching above your weight lol

  8. and I can officially CONFIRM THAT THE BLACK BELT of Social Power is BLUETTI, I looked up that generator and actually, it took me to your video here…However, if one doesnt know about this generator it would be really wise to look into this amazing generator of our time that is changing the free solar energy revolution. It is black belt material brother. Check them out. *Maybe you already know about it

  9. Very interesting video. I live in rural, Southwest Mississippi. We often deal with power outages due to hurricanes and wind events and I have been wanting solar backup for refrigeration, lights, fan etc.

  10. We move out to the woods to live with negative ions but we still can't live without electricity, that's how f*cked up our world is.

  11. I love the beauty of the forest I believe lightning it that tree that's why it's only burn on the inside

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