Off Grid SOLAR POWER During Winter? | Time For An Upgrade?

What is it like having solar power during the winter? Today is an extremely cloudy day with no chance of getting full sun so it’s the perfect time to take you inside the Power House to check out how our solar power system is holding up for us. We are going to be bringing in 2021 with massive new upgrades to our solar power system! It’s an exciting time to be growing off grid!
Happy New Year everyone!
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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while we building our own off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel “Wild Wonderful Off-Grid”. This channel is dedicated to short vlogs showing our life outside the build.


  1. You two crack me up! Ok, bread, mayo and mustard, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, more Mayo on the top peice.

  2. Great content. But one question came up. You said you have batteries, you added one and have another one on the way. I just wondered how that works. I have for example AGM's. 8 x 6volt. One died. This means i have to disconect the dead battery and 3 others. I run a 24volt system. I was told and read much advise that its better to replace all the batteries so they are the same. When you said you are adding batteries i thought, wait a minute, what that about. Perhaps you can share your ideas on that

  3. All sandwiches are the same and easy, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, jelly and whole wheat bread. What's with the cheese and meat stuff? With a PB&J you get grains, protein and fruit, nothing more is required except a glass of milk. 😋
    Good video

  4. Love the discussion of mayo and mustard placement. My husband likes his mustard on the bread with cheese on top of it with the mayo on the other piece of bread touching the meat. Me, I like the mayo spread evenly on both pieces of bread with a little mustard spread on the mayo. I personally HATE soggy bread–YUCK!!!

  5. A friend of mine that is a lineman says "never wear a wedding ring on your finger or a watch when working on the lines". Just curious if that is a thing.

  6. A majority of restaurants and sandwich deli always dress the bread with the condiments. The meat or main ingredient of the sandwich is placed in the bottom slice of bread or bun, then topped with cheese , then vegetables with the top bread slice of bread with any condiments all ready applied.

  7. I came for solar power and left with a complete lack of understanding on how best to make a sammich. What a hilarious conversation.
    Evidently, I've been wrong most of my life. hahahahaha

  8. I commented on your Buried in Snow video that when Mommy couldn't taste her bar cookies that she might have Covid-19 as that is one symptom of the virus. Wish I had commented earlier and maybe the rest of the family would have been okay if she had quarantined herself. However, I can see how that might have been a problem considering their home interior.

  9. So I've watch probably only 4 videos at this point, you guys are doing a phenomenal job, but i am planning on taking my family off grid in the near future. my plan was for about 10kw solar and 40kwh battery. I'm up in northern MN, i was curious what latitude you're at, and if you were near a coast or anything. thank you, and I wish you the best!

  10. good to know, I'm trying to build 400w of solar on my RV. It's so cold rn but gonna only do the wiring for now

  11. Nooooo! All sandwiches work the same. Burgers included. Meat, then cheese, then condiments, then top bun! A cheeseburger has cheese on top, so should deli meats etc. Subs are the same too! 😂

  12. I PUT THE MUSTARD, MAO, AND WHATEVER ON THE BREAD THEN I close the two pieces of bread together so both sides get the condiments soaked into the bread then I open it up and put the meat and cheese lettuce in the sandwich and you have even flavoring on the top and bottom of your sandwich.

  13. There is no proper way, whatever your preference. When growing up we made a hundred at a time and froze them wrapped with freezer paper. In the morning we would take one out of the deep freeze and it would be thawed for lunch at school. Either mustard or butter was on the bread on top. Were they good, no but we were fed. Love the use of those channel locks taking the oranges out of the oven.

  14. Didn’t know Leslie Mann had a much younger sister 😂. New to the channel and loving it. Congratulations to your entire family (even the 4 legged ones). You guys are truly living the “real” American dream. Thanks for taking the time to document such an amazing build.

  15. Watching the kids in your video's is what's life is all about – Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year and GB

  16. You guys are awesome and very inspiring I hope one day i can have a house and family like you guys ps love your videos

  17. Hey guys! We Love your show!! Both of them! Haha. Anywho, my gf and I were wondering if you could show more of your morning routines? We have two girls (11& almost 13) and a boy (3.5yo) and would love to show them your morning routine with chores and whatnot.. We’re trying to get the girls motivated to do all their priorities and chores and we could use the help. We aren’t off-grid yet and still live in an apartment in the center of town. We don’t have much of a yard. We are saving to get our own land someday cause this system we live in now is just crazy.. Trying to figure something out sooner rather than later.. well, I hope you all are in good health and stay safe! Much love from our family to yours! Thank you! ❤️😊☮️✌️

  18. You should add this video to the solar playlist on your other channel. It tells the need and reasoning for your upgrade.
    I’m enjoying learning about your off-grid setup.

  19. When I make sandwiches for lunch box I don't put .condiments on the sandwich until it is time to eat

  20. Im gonna have to disagress with how to make a sandwich for work. I keep everything separate and put it together when its time to eat. Bought little containers for the mayo, etc… but the bread needs to be wrapped in a paper towel in its own contaimer if you are using an ice chest so the bread doesnt get soggy. I also plan of building the solar system based on the sun intake during the shorest time of the year. Have you considered plumbing in a passive solar hot water system? I figure in conjunction with a pellet furnace, life in winter would be pretty simple.

  21. I have a question you guys said you guys are up in the mountains do you guys get TV action and phone???

  22. wow there no way we could live on 4 kw of solar panels it going to take 8 kw of panels for us just to get by thank for sharing cool videos

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